Congrats Mark Carney on Your New Gig!

Yup the Bank of Canada head has got a new Gig (part-time, so he’ll keep his old job (that is how to get rich, have two high paying jobs at once)). Mr. Carney was appointed Chairman of the Financial Stability Board trying to create a more stable world economy. It’s good that Mark can try to save the global economy, he seems to be doing OK with Canada, but I would warn him to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts.

Mr. Carney was also “b*tch slapped” (that is a colloquial expression about being berated in the media), by Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase , which makes me like Mr. Carney that much more. Will this appointment make for interesting and exciting discussions in the financial blogosphere? As the hack writer of this TMZ-like financial blog, I can only hope.

Oh and Mr. Carney also enjoys the whole “Occupy ‘fill in the blank’” concept as well. Crooks and Liars gives us a fun little clip of Mr. Carney espousing the concepts of the Occupy folks (stick that in your pipe Mr. Dimon and smoke it).


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