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One of my favourite topics to write about is the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) offered to parents of children who have mentally or physically disabled children to help start saving for their children’s future. The RDSP is important to me because I have a son who is diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, but I also know many families that need help, and if anything I write here helps them, I will be very happy.

This is the Real RDSP page you should check out as well.  What follows here are some of the posts that I have written about this program, and other articles from other authors on Tax Issues, and other ways to save for your loved ones future.

As a note to those who are sure no one knows how the system really works, I have met the Zen Master for the RDSP. He works for the Government (at ESDC who runs the program), but he does talks in the Ottawa area to help folks understand the RDSP program. He has said I can ask him questions, too!

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Before you can get an RDSP you must do the following:

Handsome Devil
This is My Son, He is Smart, Handsome and he is on the Autism Spectrum

Are you having issues applying for the DTC? Your medical professional can ask for help, as we found out with this helpful answer from the CRA

RDSP Specific

These outline the work I have done with TD to set up my son’s RDSP:

Other Tax Topics

There are other tax areas where you can get financial help from the CRA:

For those worried about apply for the CRA Medical Tax Credit, here is (hopefully) a helpful video:

Autism Specific Articles

I don’t have many posts about the Autism spectrum, but I will be writing more:

  • The new Ontario Autism Funding program looks to confusing, but as usual, my son is not likely to get any funding.
  • Sometimes I really need to vent and with Autism and Advice I try to help folks who really do mean well, but end up not doing much good with their advice.
  • A very interesting video from Ted Video: Temple Grandin the example that many point to about Autistic Folks finding their place.
  • A new topic that I will be investigating further is Power of Attorney for Autistic Family Member? The answer is not as straight forward as you might think. You must do something about this for your loved one before they reach age of majority.

Autism Help Programs

I know of a few programs out there for parents as well, here are links to check out:

If you live in Nova Scotia near Wolfville, here is a great program that I can recommend for disabled kids (offered at Acadia U).


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