Near Misses and Sunday’s Best

This week the earth had a near miss with an asteroid the size of an “aircraft carrier” (YU55), although I think it is a lot heavier than one, and the good news is, that it has gone on its merry way and won’t trouble us for a while. It’s astounding that something that size can pass between the moon and the earth and there are no ramifications in terms of our environment, I guess if it had been bigger, it might have caused some mayhem and excitement.

We also have near misses in Europe in terms of resolution of the mayhem in the markets as well. The stock markets in North America are still up and down (and sideways) but maybe there will be a Christmas reprieve? We can only hope.

There was also a chance to reflect on those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and for those who protect us, we should always remember them (even if we do not agree with the wars they fight in, we still must respect those who fight in them).

Lots of interesting rummaging around in the vaults for my Tweets too:

Enjoy your Sunday!


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