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Gambling: Sure fire system

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So if you are going to gamble, I have a sure fire, never lose system. I don’t usually give away my secrets in this area, but this one I figure needs to be shared with my readers.

If you are going to gamble, gamble on yourself (see, fooled you, thought I’d gone off my rocker and joined the Lottery for retirement crowd? Nah!). I have heard this in a few places, so I won’t attribute this to any one person, but it is a very useful piece of advise.

Invest in yourself, take courses, learn new things, read books, try out new things, do things you think you can’t do (except maybe sing for American Idol, that’s just asking for trouble). Spend time on improving you, that is a sure fire way to do better in life.

You are your most valuable resource in this world, so Gamble On a sure thing, YOU!


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