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Unemployment up in January in Canada

Not the kind of thing you want to read what with all of the negative news you are hearing around Ottawa with the High Tech Firms like Alcatel or Nortel announcing lay offs as well.

The good news is that more people are employed as compared to last year (3.7%) but a lot of those jobs are appearing in the west (Alberta is the job engine in Canada right now).

More folk came to Ontario which drove up the unemployment rate, because there are more people and they are now looking for jobs (I love statistics).

So when do the baby boomers reaching retirement age kick in? That is going to be the interesting “elbow” to see what happens. Will suddenly there be a HUGE employment vacuum where folks can’t find skilled employees, or will it be the opposite where massive numbers of jobs will simply be eliminated when their baby boomer owners retire? Very good question (I think).

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