Free Form Friday

What is new this week? Many interesting things to watch have happened so let’s run through a few of them:

  1. We bought a desktop shredder last week (I promise a video of me shredding an important document soon). It is not a simple “straight line” shredder, it cross cuts as well, which makes me feel a little less paranoid about things. We shredded a great deal of stuff on the first couple of days, but the volume has dropped since then. Our friend over at Canadian Capitalist did a good article on Fraud Prevention , that is worth having a look at as well.
  2. I continue on my hunt for a good second hand car to replace my deteriorating ’94 Honda Accord, and think the best way to find a good used car, is like everything else, via word of mouth. I talk to different people, and hear about friends who might be selling cars, and I talked to my mechanic about where best to get a car as well. Don’t just walk into a dealership, you’ll get what they want you to buy, not what you want.
  3. The Canadian Dollar continues to approach it’s Yankee Cousin at parity, which continues to scare a humble drone like me. Yes, it means I can go to Ogdensburg and buy cheap basketball shoes, but, if my job goes to China, where do I get the money to go shopping?
  4. Canadian Banks are getting some fall out from the U.S. below prime mortgage fiasco, which is driving Financial Institution stock prices down.
  5. The Simpsons movie starts today, and I am going to try to go see it soon!

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the good weather.


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