lululemon on the NASDAQ (FINALLY!)

lululemon athletics much anticipated IPO arrived this week, and yesterday it’s initial stock price of $18.00 (on the NASDAQ) soared to $28.00 in it’s first day of trading. This seems to echo the positive sentiment heard about the firm, and has allowed them to pay back initial investors and get some new capital into the firm.

Of the 18,200,000 shares being offered, 2,290,909 are being offered by lululemon athletica inc. and 15,909,091 are being offered by selling stockholders.

There is really only 2 million “new” shares, but now the company is being traded publicly, which may be a good thing.

What is confusing to me is that the stock seems to be trading on the NASDAQ exchange, yet it is not being traded on the TSE yet (or is it), very confusing, so I’ll have to research a little more, but call your broker if you want in (or is it too late ?).


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