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Nothing Like a Pandemic…

in Bank of Canada, Health Insurance, Income Tax, Inflation

… to make the financial markets even more jittery. The WHO has now moved up their scale for the pandemic to 4 out of 6 and that may mean more jitters in the financial markets.

This will make for some very interesting trade decisions in the next few days, is my guess, since a lot of produce and such come from Mexico, will we see an embargo? Will this drive up food prices (which are already sky rocketing)? Inflation, did you order Inflation with your Global Financial Apocalypse? Sorry, it comes with the deal.

Kiss the Mexican tourism trade good bye for a while, not many folks will be wanting to go Loco down in Acapulco.

Swine Flu again? I’m sure Maple Leaf is deliriously happy to give consumers ANOTHER reason not to buy their products. Stay away from pig farms would be the best advice for now.


Let’s hope this ill wind does not kill off any kind of rally.

Tax Day – 2

Yup remember Thursday at midnight you’ll need to have filed and PAID for your tax bill if you live in Canada. Not sure if they are giving Swine Flu dispensations yet, but get it done folks.

Server Issues Return

My site was down for a good portion of yesterday, my apologies to my readers, seems my server went down for the count, but I have been told that evidently the problem is resolved for now. Might have been Swine Flu in the disk drives, not sure.


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