Kiva and MicroLoans

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A very interesting video from our friends at Ted.com by one of the co-founders of Kiva.org.

I am still not sure I buy into the Kiva concepts, and have not participated yet, but after watching this video I am starting to think that maybe I should. Remembering that Charity is a major pillar in all religions and is with most folks in general, but is giving to the 3rd world more important than giving locally? That is always a tricky question for me.

Who is my neighbour? The easy answer is everyone, however, in my mind it is not that easy, so if you watch this video, answer me this question:Who is your neighbour, and where does your charity go?

Jessica Jackley is the co-founder of Kiva.org, an online community that helps individuals loan small amounts of money, called microloans, to entrepreneurs throughout the world.


  • Doctor Stock December 20, 2010, 2:05 AM

    Interesting video… I kinda’ thought it was important for me, with my website about making money on the markets, to keep some perspective. So, when I revamped my site and launched it last week, I added in a “donate” button, which I will use to develop my site further. I also decided to take 10% of those donations and use it for Compassion International kids… a way to keep some perspective.


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