Random Thoughts: Wild Finishes

As a young lad, I enjoyed walking to Jarry Park to watch the Expos play baseball, and I even enjoyed watching baseball in the Olympic Stadium, but my love for baseball has really wained (due to the length of the games), however Wednesday night we saw two teams manage to Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a spectacular manner. This kind of unbelievable finish gives you hope that the Global economy may actually turn itself around, but that remains to be seen. Will I be watching the baseball playoffs? I think it will be much like you watch most baseball games: you turn on the game, watch the first inning, go out cut the grass, check out the 4th inning, read War and Peace from cover to cover, watch the 7th inning, count every grain of sand in the Sahara, and then catch the 9th inning.

Go Expos! Yes I know they don’t have a team (yet), but I can always dream (of Rusty Staub, Mack Jones, Bill Lee, the BUS Squad and Blue Monday)

OK! Blue Jays! Let’s, Play, ball… no seriously, this week I was all over the map in terms of content, but still some interesting stuff:

Were other financial bloggers fixated on baseball and such? I doubt it:

Carnivals this Week

I did make it into a carnival or two this week too:

Other Bookkeeping


A True Expo!

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“Only Burnside could have managed such a coup, wringing one last spectacular defeat from the jaws of victory.”

Author: Abraham Lincoln (allegedly)



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