Election Day Comes to Ontario 2011

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We had an election in Ontario in 2011, and as usual, it was surprising.

In Ontario the Good election day has finally arrived and now we can choose between, What’s his name, That Guy, and that Nice Lady (I kid you not I barely remember any of their names it has been that dull a campaign).

You would have thought someone who had introduced so many taxes, and such would have a Democrats chance of getting elected in Texas, but Dalton McGuinty seems to be holding his own and at worse he will have a minority government this time around. It is hard to believe that the Big Blue Machine used to rule Ontario with an iron fist for so darn long, but I guess those days are long past. The Tory leader (Tim Hudak), seems to find new ways to trip himself up, or aggravate some new part of the province, and both Liberal and Tories have been running the standard attack ads that have marked the last decade of politics in general (i.e. point out all of your opponents mistakes and faults, while never talking about what you might do, policy wise).

Vote Ontario 2011
Vote Ontario 2011

Then you have the NDP leader (Andrea Horwath) whose name always escapes me. She has run a relatively positive campaign, is attempting to continue the Jack Layton Orange Tide that started federally, but I suspect all you need mention to any Ontarian is Bob Rae and they just won’t be able to mark a ballot for the NDP (but I may be wrong).

The major points of this election were:

  • If you vote Liberal again you’ll get your asses taxed off, and they are going to break all their promises
  • If you vote Tory you’ll go back to the days of Mike Harris when your Grandmother couldn’t get her hip replaced, and the schools were infested with rats
  • Oh my God, you aren’t thinking NDP are you? Oh dear, don’t you remember Bob Rae?

OK, I am being a little facetious here, but most of the campaign has been just that banal. I think the big loser no matter how it all falls out are the Conservatives, since they had this election in their back pockets until Mr. Hudak started opening his mouth (and his handlers couldn’t figure out how to make him more palatable to “the center”).

If you live in Ontario, remember to vote. If you want to have fun, come out of the voting booth holding your nose and hand your ballot to the elections folk, and see how they react.

If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain!

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