Arab Autumn and Sunday’s Best

With the death of Libyan Strong Man Moammar Gadhafi, the question arises, what next? Will this trigger other changes in the Arab world? My guess is maybe, but don’t hold your breath either. Will it mean much lower oil and gas prices? Not very likely, we have all got used to these high prices, so we will continue to be gouged, even if there is more oil flowing (for now). Interesting that Gadhafi came in to sweep away the King and other “corrupt power icons” and now he has been swept away under the same broom? I think that is at least ironic.

I spent a lot of this week playing silly banking games, but I think I have finally straightened most of it out (and hopefully have signed the last form needed as well). One interesting thing I did learn is that because my branch of the TD is open on Sunday but many others are still not opening, my branch is actually overrun during the 5 hours they are open (i.e. folks who can’t get the services on Sunday at their branch are coming to my branch to get them). Interesting customer herding by the folks at TD.

As for my Tweets this week, a diverse cross-section of some of my favorite Oldie But Goodies (OBG):

Enjoy your Sunday


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