Make Your Hobby Pay

I wrote this one during one of my sarcastic funks, it really isn’t that funny, but the message is simple, spend less and you don’t have to worry about side hustles.

One of the main ways to get yourself out of debt quickly is find another income flow, and use that income to help pay down your debt level. These days, simply lowering your spending is really for chumps and losers, all you need to get out of debt is mo’ money. All of us have hobbies and ideas that we can easily turn into a money-making enterprise, all we need do is apply ourselves, and the money will start rolling in.

The next time you hear some loser financial geek talking about lowering your spending, just smile knowingly that all you really need to do is increase your income, because you have got the talent to make mo’ money. Why should you change your lifestyle just so that you have lower debt? You deserve to live the high life all you need is some more ca$h to help support it.

With that in mind here is a list of some helpful skills that you might have that you can easily turn into cold hard cash, quickly:

  • Everyone can write, so become a financial blogger, because there is tons of money writing this kind of stuff! I’m working for slave wages, but I am sure there are folks who make a mint doing this.
  • If you can dig a hole and irrigate, you can become a farmer, there is money to be made running a farm and it doesn’t take much of your time either, just ask a Farmer how easy their life is.
  • If you can sew, why not start making clothing at home and compete against companies that use sweat shops in Viet Nam to make their apparel. A good seamstress can make up to $5 a day doing that
  • Selling soap and those kind of products can make you a pretty penny, and all you have to do is alienate your friends and trick folks into coming to “parties” and then rope them into buying some soap (maybe even some soap on a rope).

Come to think of it, maybe just spending less might be a little easier? Living within your means isn’t that bad an idea after all.



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