Stupidity, St. Paddys, Sunshine in March and Sunday’s Best

Yes, this whole Canadians are Monetarily Stupid theme has grown legs and has certainly helped up my readership numbers a fair amount (as it has for others too).  Given it has been “on the table for a while” (heck one of my faves Gail Vaz Oxlade has made a whole TV series around the concept) it’s interesting to see folks love to kick Canadians (when they are down), but not give concrete ideas on how it should be fixed (no a Government  solution will not be forthcoming, all of that will be CUT in the next week or two, thanks to the coming chainsaw Federal Cutbacks (more on this in the coming week)).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (a day late) for my Irish friends, but I celebrated by watching Wales win the 6-Nations cup by beating La France (I guess Les Gallois a defi Les Gaulois?). It might help you to understand that Saint-Patrick was actually born in Wales, where all good Saints are born. Hope your hang over isn’t too bad (remember it is still Lent).

In Ottawa the weather is completely bonkers with Sunshine and heat, and not a lick of snow to be found. There is even talk of Golf courses opening if this keeps up (now that is a Green I like to hear about).

On my Twitter feed this week, I had a lot of my old favorites, but I am also salting in some of the articles I am reading for my French training as well (so now it is a marginally bilingual feed as well):

Enjoy the lovely weather, it is still March, so snow is still possible (in some areas), and hopefully your hangover isn’t too bad either.



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