End of Year 2013 (the end)

Yesterday I ran through the 10-6 most read articles this year, and today I wrap it all up with the top 5 posts (by readership).

Before I reveal the top 5, I will point out that the Most read post was not written this year, I will reveal that post after the top 5 (and it continues to draw readers every day).

Let’s get to the top 5 posts from 2013 by views

Number 5

The Seduction of Spending (about 1150 views)

Does anyone really need an $8.00 cup of coffee (to paraphrase Denis Leary)? Why do we spend money and why do we spend so much?

Number 4

The Infinite Income Fallacy  (about 1800 views)

When you are 25 you think that you will be earning money forever, but as you reach your mid-50’s you start realizing that all those things you were going to pay off in a while, need to get paid off, because you aren’t going to be “earning” for that much longer.

Number 3

CRA Child Disability Benefit (How To) (about 3000 views)

Mark from the Blunt Bean Counter encouraged me to keep writing on the Disability related topics I am dealing with as my son grows up, and this is an important one. If you know of anyone who has a disabled child, make sure they are getting all the help they can.

Number 2

The 4% Draw Down Theory (about 3200 views)

This came from me fooling around with a spreadsheet and a theory I had read about on Reddit. The actual idea of a 4% draw down in Canada is a bit different because as of age 70 RRSP rules make you start drawing down your savings, but I will need to write a new post about that one.

Number 1 Written in 2013

How Do I Retire at 35 ? (about 6500 views)

A post where I mostly lampooning folks who claim they are retired at age 35, when in fact all they have done is amassed enough money to change vocations to something they want to do, but it got noticed by a few “main stream media” folks. No, I have no chance of retiring at 35 (given I am almost 53).

Number 1 Read in 2013

A Script for Customer Retention Deals (about 11000 views)

This one keeps  getting readers every day, from various search engines and such, and occasionally gets a comment. The one this year from the alleged Call Center employee was quite entertaining as well.

So there you have it, my top 12 (yes I hate Top 10 lists, I refuse to only count to 10) for 2013, let’s hope 2014 brings us Joy and Happiness.


End of Year 2013 Part 1

As the year 2013 comes to an end, I will look back over what I have written over the past year and wonder why I had so much to say?

Since January 1, 2013 I have had about 184,00 page views (individual page openings), which is pretty amazing to me.

The biggest day of the year for page views ends up being Friday May 17th, where I had almost 4000 individual page views. I believe this was caused by Rob Carrick mentioning my post about early retirement. It’s funny a mention in the “real media” still can cause quite a pop in readership, but it usually is very short lived.

So here in reverse order are my most read posts of the year.

Number 11

Signs your adviser doesn’t know anything (about 650 views)

A guest post by our friend Barry Choi, it did seem to cause quite the rucous and hub bub in the comments. Interesting that a guest post got that big a pop, given I don’t really like giving folks my podium to speak from.

Number 10

What is this Cheque From? (about 675 views)

Odd that one of my more sarcastic posts got that many readers, but I guess sometimes folks just enjoy a bit of rude and sarcastic fun?

Number 9

In Defense of Pay Day Loans? (about 700 views)

Don’t let the title fool you, I haven’t completely lost my mind (yet) it was more of a scathing commentary on some folks commentaries about how the whole Pay Day Loan business is a necessary evil (much like Briefcase Thermo-Nucleur devices).

Number 8

Financial Punch Lines (about 750 views)

You know those canned phrases that you hear from Salesfolk, Bankers, and the like? Somehow this is supposed to make you feel good about your decision, I suppose.

Number 7

Do You Make More than You Did 5 Years Ago? (about 850 views)

The concept of Lifestyle Creep should be taught to all new grads and anyone just entering the work force. Get over the fact that you most likely can’t live up to your parent’s lifestyle, but then again, maybe they can’t live up to it either?

Number 6

Term Insurance Over 50 (about 1000 views)

Once you hit 50 some things get cheaper, but it sure as heck ain’t term life insurance. This is when you do start paying, like say you had bought Whole Life? I loved the commentaries from the insurance industry I got on this one.

So there you have it the Top 5 posts tomorrow for New Year’s Eve! I am excited to see which of my writings you read the most.


Boxing Day Mayhem

By the time you read this, the mayhem that is Boxing Day will have already begun. People will have stayed up most of the night trying to get bargains or reasons to spend any money they got for Christmas, but keep this piece of advice in mind (from our friends at Bro Tips):

and also remember my advice from a while back too:

Also very True
Also very True

Spend wisely and Respect Each Other

The people working today, are there to serve you, but that doesn’t mean you get to treat them like dirt, show them respect and thank them for being there today.

Previous Boxing Days?

I have written on the topic of Boxing Day a few times.


Happy Christmas 2013

A Happy and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from THE Canadian Personal Finance Site (Big Cajun Man sole proprietor).

Yup this is my actual Christmas Tree
Yup, this is my actual Christmas Tree.


Happy Christmas



Christmas Wishes from the Past

I seem to do this a lot, so here are my Christmas wishes from years gone by:


Christmas Eve is Here

I hope you are ready for Christmas because it’s pretty much here. You have one more day to get those last things you think you need.  Many people travel today, while some have the tradition of the major celebration for Christmas being tonight (after midnight mass); no matter how you celebrate, I hope you enjoy it.

A few last-minute tips:

  • Remember to have your bills paid as banks are “closed” for the next couple of days.
  • Given the bad weather we have been having, make sure you have more than half a tank of gas in your car (usually a good idea in the winter anyhow).
  • If you are out shopping today, remember everyone is stressed, but if you don’t succumb to the mayhem, you will be a better person at the end of it. Same holds true with your family as well.
  • This is a festival of joy and celebration, always remember that.

And always remember:

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