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Post Number 2500 Holy Cow

“Never has so much been written, that made so little sense, and read by so few, about such an important subject.”

— Big Cajun Man 2014 (with apologies to Sir Winston Churchill)

By my official count this is (around) post number 2505 of my illustrious (ignominious?) writing career. Why the heck have I been doing this for so damn long? I have no idea, but I am still here about nine years of doing it (given my son was the reason I started doing this, and he turns 9 years old next month).

What are my favourite posts over the years? That’s a very good question I’ll give you a few that I enjoyed writing and some that hurt but needed writing (remember this site is more cathartic for me, than it is informational for you):

  • Go and look in my RDSP menu item because that is the reason I write really
    • To make some extra money to help with my son’s needs
    • To help other folks who might not be lucky enough to get all the help I have received over the years.
  • My dad passed away a few years ago, I still mention him here but I’m an Adult Now is a raw bit of writing I did about his passing (and the fear it instilled in me).
  • After getting laid off from Nortel in 2008 I wrote a few posts about it but On Being Laid Off is me talking about it publicly for the first time. A year ago, is me looking back after a year of being laid off (I got my new jobs a week after that).
  • Sometimes I write knowing full well I am poking the bear (figuratively) and I am a Civil Servant really is one of those (I grew tired of the constant jokes about how rich we all are).
  • One of my fun favorite writes was recalling a parable my Dad told me about money in Advice: Best Financial Advice Ever Given.
  • I am honest in my writings and pointed out in Top 5 Investing Regrets in My Life, yes I have made plenty of mistakes in my financial life.
  • At the end of it all my most popular post continues to be A Script for Customer Retention Deals which I only wrote because I had just got a good deal for my wife and I wanted to remember how I did it (next time).
  • One of the fastest-written articles I have done was Ten Things I have said that Have Saved Me Money, I think I wrote it in 5 minutes, yet it remains one of my most read as well.
  • I do still read over some of my more humorous (attempts) and my favorite of those is Gifts Your Shouldn’t Get Your Kids (ever), well worth revisiting that list as well.

Hard to believe that it all started with this Introductory Post (well it didn’t it started with this First Post).

I’d also like to thank my wife (a contributor to this site) and my children for allowing me to use them as examples in my posts and for having the patience of Job, while I string together this string of very odd prose.

Send More Coffee!!!
Send More Coffee!!!

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  1. Wow, that’s a hellova lotta postings. Congrats on topping 2500, I’d buy you a beverage if you lived closer by!!! Thanks for informing & entertaining us 🙂

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