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Illness, K-Cups, Interest Rates and #BestOfThisWeek

It’s been a while since I last had the flu, but this latest version really knocked me out. Despite my upbringing, which taught me that taking sick leave is a sign of weakness, I had to take two days off this week – more than I’ve taken in the past two years. Whoever gave me this illness better watch out because they’ll get what’s coming to them.

K Cup Pod
Diabolical Ecological Timebomb

It seems the inventor of the K-cup thinks he has created an ecological monster. John Sylvan (who sold out in ’97 for $50K) has been vocal in his unhappiness with how successful the K-cup business has been and its negative environmental impact. Naturally, he has a solution to the problem, but no one is taking him up on his excellent new idea (yet). Maybe he can sell this idea for more than $50K?

The Bank of Canada kept it’s key overnight rate at 3/4% on Wednesday, which is no great surprise, but it does make you wonder when the economy can be set free of the overstimulation that has kept it going since 2008? This is the summing-up paragraph from the monthly statement on setting interest rates:

Financial conditions in Canada have eased materially since January, in response to the Banks recent monetary policy action and to global financial developments. This easing is reflected across the yield curve and in a wide range of asset prices, including the Canadian dollar. These conditions will mitigate the negative effects of the oil price shock, further boosting growth through stronger non-energy exports and investment.

So lower oil prices are hurting things, but the lower dollar may be stimulating other parts of the economy. Maybe ludicrously low-interest rates are the new normal?

My Writings for Week Ending March 6th

Despite this vile illness, I did manage to get two articles out this week :

This Week’s Finest Financial

With RRSP season being over, I guess it is now officially Tax Season, but please, remember only to bag your tax quota. Mark from Blunt Bean Counter, gave us a guest post about an Estates Fairy Tale, speaking of planning and taxes for your family.  Another significant savings vehicle for families is the RESP, and I went rummaging through the Canadian Capitalist’s archives for Investing in TD e-series Funds for your RESP, still very topical. Barry from Money We Have, wants us to remember some Overlooked Costs of Buying a House (and there are a lot of them). Keeping with tax saving and investing the Canadian Couch Potato brings us Which Bond ETF is Most Tax Efficient.

Netflix graced us with another season of House of Cards, as we can see if that conniving Francis Underwood ever gets his just rewards. With this in mind, pity the poor Finnish Tax Official who died at his desk, but wasn’t noticed for two days, wasn’t that an episode in H of C? If you were wondering (speaking of D.C. basketball) the Late Manute Bol’s son’s name is… Bol Bol and he is 6’10” at 15 years of age. For those that aren’t up on Ottawa news (speaking of capitals) Mayor Jim Watson (who I have been mistaken for, more than once) fractured his pelvis snowmobiling, here is hoping he gets well soon!

Marie from Boomer and Echo goes for an interesting Throwback Thursday with Buying a House 1974 vs. 2014, the world has changed (a little).

Mark from 2nd Career Search starts the investing discussions with an important point Market Hits New High! Time to Rebalance, which is very true, now is the time to rebalance. Keeping with that kind of investing discussion, Michael James wonders, How Warren Buffett Thinks You Should Invest (I bet he’d want you to rebalance too). Mark from My Own Advisor goes a little contrary with In Defense of Active Investing? What’s next, penny stock tips?

Remember it’s tax time. Get all your receipts and make sure you claim all the credits and deductions you are due!

RRSP Season Over

What to do if you “missed” the end of RRSP season? Our amigo Preet has a few conclusions that he has drawn:

House of Bricks?

I think Francis Underwood could take some tips from BBW, and some helpful arithmetic hints for your taxes as well:

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  1. Hey now…if you have ever owned any mutual fund or any sector ETF, then you have participated in active investing 🙂 The market exists because of active investing!

    No, I won’t write about penny stocks though….I promise, I think.

    Have a great weekend and I’ll tweet out your post later today.

  2. Costco recently had the the new Keurig machine on sale, with a bunch of accessories and K-cup starter kit. I returned it, un-opened, when I found out you could only use approved K-cups in the machine (it detects a marking on or in the lid). In retrospect though there seem to be more than enough ways to circumvent their money-grab that I should have kept it.

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    I’m shocked at how many people buy a home and have no idea what other costs are involved. It’s only the largest financial decision you’ll make in your life.

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