Tim Horton’s Profits Up and Thinking

Tim Horton’s Quickpay Card?

Saw it advertised on line and now I am looking at a glossy advertising blurb from one of the stores. I thought that investing in Tim Horton’s might be a dangerous thing, due to the over saturation of the market, however, Canadians and their love for a “double, double” has proven me to be as bad a stock prognosticator, as I claim to be.

Quarterly earnings rose to C$67.4 million ($67.9 million), or 36 Canadian cents (36 cents) per share, from $51.8 million, or 27 cents per share in the prior year period.

Just goes to show that sometimes stocks will succeed, in spite of what “experts” claim.

As for the Tim Horton’s Quickpay card, holy crap, now these guys are thinking. No interac charges, they get to keep all that money, and they get to track consumer usage as well? Wow, this one is another great idea (a little late given Starbucks has had it for a while, but still, better late than never). I like this idea as a possible shareholder (I do not hold shares in Timmy’s currently).

Out of Lu Lu Lemon

So I did finally buy some Lu Lu Lemon under the guidance of my wife. Her reasoning was that every young lady she saw at a Gym or at a Basketball tournament had the Lu Lu Lemon logo on some of their “exercise clothing”. Yes, it is a thin hunch, but I bought in and it went DOWN. Oh well, I put in a stop sell so that I didn’t lose my shirt and stopped looking. A month passed and last week I noticed I was in the black by a lot, so I changed my Stop Sell to a higher value, and LLL.TO crashed through that value, so now I am out. My wife is not happy, but we made a tidy profit on the sale, so I am happy for now. Remember the Stop Sell in Green Line, BMO Nesbitt-Burns or any other on line investment house, is our friend!

I may buy in again later, but not where it stands right now, and it is a very volatile stock right now.

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy in stores in September? Why you may ask? Most of us know why, we think we are going to buy the Candy and be done with it, but very few of us have the “intestinal fortitude” to have a box of “Kit Kats, Crisy Crunch and Smarties” sitting in our house without snacking ourselves and then rushing out on October 30th to buy MORE candy! Never question why stores are selling things, they are doing it for a very good reason.


lululemon on the NASDAQ (FINALLY!)

lululemon athletics much anticipated IPO arrived this week, and yesterday it’s initial stock price of $18.00 (on the NASDAQ) soared to $28.00 in it’s first day of trading. This seems to echo the positive sentiment heard about the firm, and has allowed them to pay back initial investors and get some new capital into the firm.

Of the 18,200,000 shares being offered, 2,290,909 are being offered by lululemon athletica inc. and 15,909,091 are being offered by selling stockholders.

There is really only 2 million “new” shares, but now the company is being traded publicly, which may be a good thing.

What is confusing to me is that the stock seems to be trading on the NASDAQ exchange, yet it is not being traded on the TSE yet (or is it), very confusing, so I’ll have to research a little more, but call your broker if you want in (or is it too late ?).


LuLuLemon IPO?

I keep reading about this, yet I do not read much more about it (you know not much is going on when one of my posts is on the first page of the Blog Search for Lu Lu Lemon). I read an article this morning saying that it was coming soon, but then again, I have been reading that for a while (since May 1st). Oh well, I am just curious to see if this is a BIG thing or a small thing. A good outline of the IPO for LuLu Lemon . The initial share price is going to be between $10 and $12 (US I assume), and 18 million shares will be available, so when do we see it “come out of the box”?

Great minds think alike and thanks to my Tax Freedom Day posting yesterday, I now see that Canadian Capitalist is on the bandwagon. He points out that we are highly taxed, which is very true (IMHO), but in the words of Tony Soprano, “What are you gonna do ’bout it?”.

I got an invitation from my local MPP to meet Jim Flaherty (current Federal Minister of Finance), but since it would cost me $250 to do it, I think I am going to pass on that opportunity. Jim, if you could comp me some tickets, I’ll drop by and we can discuss Flat Taxes and Household Income Taxes as well, it’ll be worth your while! Why are you pushing a provincial Tory Jim?

Mortgage rates dropped a little, but only for short term ones and only in very specific areas. I doubt this means the banks think the interest rates from the Bank of Canada aren’t going up, just that it might not be going up as much as they guessed previously

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