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Doubling Your Money

The key to doubling your money is time, how much time it takes is the hard part. Everyone wants to make money fast, but sometimes it is just not possible.

DRIPS: It Really Works!

DRIPs or Dividend ReInvestment Plans are a great way to build wealth, and reinvesting dividends into your portfolio is a great way to do it.

Taxes coming soon!

Taxes Coming I keep having to remind myself of that one. I have my Quicktax installed and ready to go, but my current employer has a tradition of only sending out my T4 on February… Read More »Taxes coming soon!

Einstein: Doubling is the trick!

Einstein doubling is the trick? Einstein did not “invent” the rule of 72, he merely observed it and made it popular, but still fun to think about eh?

Einstein: The Rule of 72

Einstein may not have invented the rule of 72 but he did make it popular. A very useful heuristic to estimate compound interest growth.

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