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Budget Cuts

Budget 2011 Canada

Budget to Nowhere If the political pundits are correct then the Harper Government has thrown out the first few planks of their election platform with yesterday’s Budget 2011 (part 1) announcement (here is a link… Read More »Budget 2011 Canada

Now that is overspending

Overspending and governments building up tremendous debts and running large deficits is worrisome to me.

A Library Card : Financial Advent Calendar Day 19

A library card is a frugal weapon in your arsenal of personal finance tools. The library is not just books any more, and you should use it!

Speech from the Throne November 2008

The November 2008 Federal speech from the throne was not exactly the most exciting speech ever, but it didn’t do much either.

Election Time!

Now remember this is a historic view of the 2008 Election (Federal that is). Also when Google turned 10 years old, wild times. Yup, time for another election folks, whoopee!! Who will come out on… Read More »Election Time!

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