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Income Tax

CRA Medical Credit

School Fees as a Medical Expense

If your child has a disability, if their schooling is a specialized program for their disability the school fees can be a medical expense. You will need to have a lot of supporting evidence, but it can be claimed.

Tax Day in Canada 2021

April 30, 2021 is tax day, have you filed your taxes yet? If not, why not? If you are owed money, why don’t you want your money back?

How do You do your Taxes?

How do you do your taxes ? Most years are pretty much the same for me, thus I use this post as a template to work from each year.

My CRA Error ERR 021

My CRA account is now locked out due to an undisclosed issue at the CRA (error ERR.021 ). Evidently it has nothing to do with a cybersecurity breech, we hope.

Moving Expenses for Students

If you are going back to school remember to keep your receipts for moving expenses if you have moved more than 40 KMs to go to school.

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