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Stories, articles and commentaries on Nortel Networks and Bell Northern Research

I Love Nortel

Nortel Still Paying Out

Nortel is still paying out, much like a slot machine, not very often and in very small amounts. Too big to fail was the thoughts as this company went under, but they certainly aren’t paying their creditors back much.

The Joy of the best Financial Decision Ever?

What is the best financial decision you have ever made? For me, it was a decision I made out of spite, but it ended up paying off very nicely, and gave me a path to victory for my retirement.

On Being Laid Off (a 10 year retrospective)

Over 10 years ago I was laid off from Nortel, and even now I still feel the pain of this important event in my life. In the end it was a good thing.

I Love Nortel

Nortel : What is Left?

What is left of former Tech Giant Nortel? Legal cases, litigation, and a few patents. Nortel itself is still out there in terms of equipment, but it is being supported by other companies.

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