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$30 Cash

Debt-shaming: Debt is Bad, but You Aren’t

While debt-shaming seems to be a new buzzword, being in debt does not make you bad. This does depend on how you managed to get in the predicament.

Advice for New Grads?

Do I have advice for new grads ? I have a lot of advice for them, but will they actually listen to this advice is my question.

When to Use a Payday Loan? Never!

No question ends with the response, “You should get a pay day loan”, none! Don’t use the new easy on-line loans either. Do not use these services.

Venn Diagrams For Borrowers

A simple venn diagram to help out borrowers figure out what is legal and what is not legal in the world of lending.

In Defense of Pay Day Loans?

Is there a reason for Pay Day Loans to be around? Are they good things for some folks? Absolutely not, they are usury.

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