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Advice for New Grads?

Do I have advice for new grads ? I have a lot of advice for them, but will they actually listen to this advice is my question.

Not Asking is Rejection by Default

If you do not ask or act on the things you should, you’re getting Rejection by Default as your response. Doing nothing isn’t the right choice

Doomsday Finances

Doomsday finances? Are we at that point? No, but personal finance doomsday may happen for a lot of folks, due to these times.

Bad Financial Planners Can Help

Bad financial planners can help even if they create a horrible plan. From a horrible plan, you may be able to create a better plan, but you need to know it is bad.

Financial Rules of 3 For This Year

For this year, here are a rules of 3 set of ideas to live by. Three is a great number for things to remember, so try to see if you can live by them.

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