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Lent is Here, Bricked iPhones, Love Day and #MoneyStories

Lent has arrived early this year, and it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity to make positive changes in your life. I hope you had your fill of pancakes on Tuesday night because now it’s time to buckle down. Lent is not just a time for piety, it’s a time to grow and improve, regardless of your religious beliefs. So, let’s get to work and make this Lenten season count!

Valentines Day
An Apropos Sentiment

Have you tried to save some money by getting your iPhone repaired by a 3rd party (not wanting to deal with the “geniuses” at the “Genius Bar” at your local Apple Store)? If you have be prepared, because your phone may brick itself as Apple doesn’t want you to be doing that, they want you to only use their technicians. How can they do this? Error 53 will happen if you have had specific repairs done, and if that happens, you will end up at an Apple Store, hoping they can do a “Lazarus Job” (keeping with our Lenten theme) on your bricked phone.

Love Day is coming this weekend, time for folks to gorge themselves on Chocolate, buy expensive diamonds and of course roses, or not. For me it is a time to remember my parents’ wedding anniversary and to enjoy being with the love of my life. Much like financial planning, if you only show the person you love attention on 1 day, you are not doing it right.

Our new PM (aka Le Dauphin) is now shying away from his bold statements of balancing the federal budget by the time his first term is complete? No big surprise there, given the shape of the economy, the price of oil and such, but yet another bold promise by a candidate becoming like a kitchen cockroach and scurrying away when the stark lights are turned on?

My Writings for Week Ending February 12th

For some reason I had 4 actual posts this week, maybe this means I will be writing more? Maybe.

More Folks Looking for Work in January and there are some more interesting graphs in there about where the jobs seem to be currently, well worth checking that one out.

The Financial Celebration of Lent is here, but even if you are not religious, you could take advantage of this time to try to make some positive changes in your life.

Lotteries are not a Financial Service, and I am calling out Red Flag Deals for categorizing their Lottery Deal as such. C’mon man!

Finally I loaned out my pulpit for a guest post by the folks at ProLiteracyCA, have a read if your child is getting close to University age.

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