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Debt Reduction

Surreal Paragraphs Found in Credit Card Bills

Are you only making minimum payments on your credit cards. There is a sentence on your statement you should read, and that tells you how long it will take to pay off the debt, if you only make the minimum payments.

Straight Talk on Your Money

Straight Talk on Your Money is an excellent read to teach folks about how no matter how well you plan financially things can go wrong, and what you can do about it.

Serial Refinancers

What are serial refinancers ? These are folks who keep consolidating their debt with consolidation loans, but never deal with the core issue of why they can’t stop getting farther into debt. Much like serial murder, this is bad!

I Hate Sean Cooper

For those who are not aware Sean Cooper came to the media attention a while ago when he talked about how he worked very hard to pay off his house in a short period of… Read More »I Hate Sean Cooper

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