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When to Use a Payday Loan? Never!

No question ends with the response, “You should get a pay day loan”, none! Don’t use the new easy on-line loans either. Do not use these services.

The 12 Days of Christmas Debt

There is actually 12 days of Christmas Debt, that you should be avoiding this year (and every year). Budget and don’t splurge, start the new year happy.

Make More by Reducing Debt

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a raise, without increasing your income is by reducing your debt load. Less debt means you pay less, thus more 4 u.

Debt is a Four Letter Word

Debt is a four letter word (always has been), and no matter how you try to hide it with “Good Debt” and such, it is a bad thing, low rates are fooling folks. Anybody who tells you that Debt is good, is simply trying to sell you something.

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