Easter is Here and some #MoneyStories

The season of Easter is here, time for you to restart, renew and reestablish things in your life. Being a religious type Christian person, this is what it is all about (Christmas is nice, but without Easter the whole Christianity thing doesn’t quite hold together). I hope you enjoy the time off (if you get time off) to reconnect with Family and friends. Please remember on the stewardship side of things, this time and Christmas are where the Church collects about 1/2 of their income (just saying).

Sugar kaboom

Remember that Lent is Over as Well, time to feast !

We had a budget this week, and many different bloggers have voiced their opinions on it, and it has a pretty hefty price tag too (reminiscent of Mr. Trudeau’s father), but I suppose there were a lot of things that were left undone, that need to get done. I will try to recap how it affects my life, didn’t see if there were any changes for parents of disabled children, but if you have kids, things will change (if you make less than $150K that is).

If you are more of a Chocolate Bunny Easter person, that is OK, you can still use the season as a good reason to restart your financial plans, or start them. The best time to start a financial plan is 5 years ago, however, the 2nd best time is now, get to it, call it your Easter Financial Plan.


Happy Easter



My Writings for Week Ending March 25th

I spent the week in Toronto enjoying the Ice Capades, OK, it was an ice storm, and it wasn’t something to be enjoyed either. There sure are a lot of condos down here too.

Stats Canada noted last week that Food Prices Continue to Rise especially in the area of fresh fruit and veggies. Gas prices seem to be moving back up, as are oil prices, so we shall see what happens with interest rates with this information (my guess is not much for now, however, remember the Canadian Dollar is recovering, and that might slow interest rates as well).

Food Prices Continue to Rise

It was my son’s birthday this week, and with that I revealed one of the reasons for The Origins of the Canadian Personal Finance Place. It hasn’t turned into the cash cow I had hoped, but it has been cathartic.

The Origins of the Canadian Personal Finance Place

An Easter Thought

Bunnies are cuddly
The large and the small
But I like chocolate ones
The best of them all.

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Good Friday

The Easter season begins today with Good Friday, with that in mind I am going to enjoy this weekend with my family, and will be back on Monday.

Good Friday

Good Friday

I have spoken about Good Friday before so I leave you a short excerpt from my Faves page:

Personal Financial and Planning

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Banks Some useful advice I gave a friend that still is very true!
  2. Free Banking One of my favorite topics on how to get your bank to give you FREE banking for a while at least.
  3. Quarterly Personal Finance Status Report A way for couples to keep each other up to date on their financial status.
  4. Debt is Like Fat Another way to look at trying to get out of debt.
  5. Debt Makes Me Sick A frank article on my feelings about debt.
  6. I Should Divorce My Wife? An interesting point of view from the tax side of things.

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An Easter Story: The Leather Coat

Sometimes some interesting stories happen around me that I like passing on in this forum. I am recounting this Easter story to show that for all the complaining about the youth, I think the world will be in good hands when we old farts finally move on.

On Ash Wednesday this year, our Church ran its normal activity day (where the kids come and learn about Lent, Ash Wednesday and Easter), and a few other parishes also participated (my wife helps run these).

One of the activities for the high school kids (who actually take the day off school) is to go down to one of the Churches in the Ottawa Core, where there is a “lunch club” where folks of modest means (and many homeless people) come to have lunch, and have somewhere to “be”.  The teenagers from our churches went to help out at the lunch room, and to maybe get a glimpse of how some people have to live.

A few of the teenagers brought their coats in and hung them up, and unfortunately one of the coats went missing after lunch. Evidently where the kids hung up their coats was an “if you need one take one, if you have one leave one” area of the closet, so a very nice leather coat went missing. The jacket that disappeared was a treasured family keepsake (it had been owned by one of the young men’s grandfather). Needless to say there was a lot of rushing around to find the coat, but it was gone.

The kids returned to our Church and our minister got the whole story so he took the young man aside to talk to him about the missing coat. When our minister asked the young man if he was upset about the coat going missing, the young man’s only response was, “… at least someone will have a warm coat to wear tonight …”.

My Feelings

This is astounding, a kid who could have whined, complained, blamed, or at least been upset about the loss simply viewed the coat for what it most likely had become, a gift to someone who might need something warm to wear.

An astounding young man

Note: I feel I can repeat this story, because our minister spoke about it in his sermon.


Happy Easter and Sunday’s Best

This day is the beginning of it all for the Christian Faith. Strangely Christmas seems to be a more celebrated holiday, but Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the alpha and omega for the Christian Faith. Without Easter Sunday, there really isn’t Christianity (just as there isn’t a Faith without Good Friday as well).

Enjoy the feast and the celebration of the faith. Feast and enjoy, and revel in new beginnings.

Remember that Lent is now over too, so if you had a Financial Plan or Lenten vows to add or remove something from your financial plans, that time is over, look back and see if it was a success. If you feel you failed, figure out why, and either try again, or try something else. Take the good from your works and move on.

Use Easter as the starting of something new, Financially and Spiritually. Revel in the joy of a new start, and new beginnings!


Happy Easter To You And Your Loved Ones!


Sunday’s Best

For those looking for some reading for an Easter Sunday (while Mom fixes the feast), have a check out of some of these oldies that I posted on my Twitter Feed this week:

  • My Financial Balance Band was a little bit of an April Fool’s Joke (Poisson d’Avril), but I am sure I could sell a few to some folks.
  • I found an early bit of writing What’s in it For Me? Which shows just how mercenary I can be.
  • With the changes to the RDSP rules I figured bringing back RDSP: The Completion of Initial Work, to show just how complicated this can be.
  • As with sports, finances also need goals so Always Have a Target points out that even in urinals having a target is a good thing.
  • Not really an Oldie, but still a goody, Costco Gas points out just how far I will drive to get 4 cents a litre off gas prices.
  • For Good Friday I found a Best of: 5 Investing Mistakes I have Made, which is a very good read to show how honest I can be.
  • The topic of Pet Insurance has come up a few times, but what if you had a problem pet like in The Cat Came Back a film short from the NFB?

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Happy Easter: Challenge Complete

Happy Easter to all my readers and especially to my Lenten Challenge Participants!

From the Anchor Post Lenten Financial Challenge (which you can still comment on and join our community), we can review who was with us on this journey

  • Sandy at YesIamCheap who is overpaying AND giving up coffee
  • Joe who I am not sure about whether he was joining or saying he was already doing this stuff
  • Anne who is going to make some overpayments
  • Miss T. from Prairie Eco-Thrifter, who is going to cut out some coffee and over pay too
  • Personal Finance is going to add some investing (a newcomer, welcome), which should be fun as well.
  • Kay at Live. Love. Workout has joined in as well, and is adding a Categorical Allowance (using the Quicken she won from us). Good on you!
Daffodial, Easter

Happy Easter, Enjoy the New Beginning

Congratulations to you all for your good works, and your self-control!

I sort of succeeded in my goals, but next year will try to do a better job, or make some more achievable goals.

Easter is a time for new beginnings in all aspects of your life, now is the time to make that change you keep saying you should do one day.

Today is that One Day, so go do it.

Oh, and enjoy your Family and Friends today as well, it is the beginning of so many things.

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