What do Fathers Worry About?

Staying with the Fathers Day trend this week (due to it coming up on the 17th), I figured I’d help some folks out and give them a Father’s perspective on what we worry about (every day).

We worry about money, pretty much every day:

  • Enough money to get through this month?
  • Enough to pay for this year?
  • Will we|I ever pay the house off?
  • Will we|I ever retire?

Pretty simple really. I think there are some Fathers out there who aren’t “masters of their own monetary domain”, however they then worry that they don’t know anything about their money (which I think is a more insidious worry than the ones I just noted).

We also worry about our kids’ and the money they will need, or the money we will need to raise them (or get them to move out, like I said on Tuesday).

Another big worry, is when is the NFL or NHL season going to start, and why it hasn’t started yet, and why there isn’t NFL (or NHL) all year? It’s nice in Olympic years, because you have a great summer sports filler, but what do you do for the other three years? Anybody who suggests Dads should watch baseball, is wrong.  Baseball is an excuse to sit outside and drink beer, watching baseball on TV just doesn’t cut it (unless you watch it on your PVR and fast forward through all the gaps, then the game only lasts 10 minutes).

We really worry about the next boyfriend that our daughters will bring home. Will he drag his knuckles on the my hardwood floors? Will he try to talk to me during an NHL or NFL game (my kids and wife have learned not to do this, for a good reason)?  Want to know why Fathers initially loath any new boyfriend of their daughters? If you can’t figure that one out, please don’t date my daughter(s) (you are too stupid).

Our biggest worry is what to do with the tie that we get on Father’s Day. Some folks look great in a tie and can easily tie a killer double Windsor knot (Mr. Preet Banerjee for one), but most of the times we don’t wear a tie, so what can we do with them? If someone can point me to a neat site to help Fathers create pop art or other useful things with old ties, I would appreciate it.

OK, I was kidding, a lot of Fathers don’t worry that much about money.


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