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Advent Financial Calendar Day 18 – A QR-Code

In your box you find a piece of paper with a QR code on it. What do you do with it? It might lead to something cool, or just more hype.
#Advent #QRCode

Three Investment Credo from the Past

When I started investing there were very few rules for investing, but here are 3 old investment credos, that still ring true these days.

Financial Long Shots

I was reading a very interesting piece on “Chico” (actually Leonard or “Chicko”) Marx and his lifetime (and his gambling addiction). The most telling statement about this addiction was: Chico’s gambling was actually a very… Read More »Financial Long Shots

Up Selling in Banking

In order to keep their profits up, up selling in banking continues at a break neck pace. Every time you enter the bank you are told about new opportunities.

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