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Mutual Funds

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Quicken and Transfering Mutual Funds?

Shouldn’t be hard to in Quicken transfer mutual funds, but it is not as straight forward as you might guess it would be.

Reversing Mutual Fund Purchases

If you use a TD Mutual Fund account, they keep close tabs on your trades and will make you live to your Risk profile, and will reverse trades, if you are doing things outside of that Risk Profile.

MER and Growth Percentage

The MER is truly a drain on your investments growth, the funds argue they are fair, but are they really?

DIY Balanced Funds for Investing

Most investors get told they should get a Balanced Mutual Fund for safe but steady growth, but what are you paying in terms of MER or Management Fees? Why not buy an Index Fund or the like, an entire Index is very balanced as well.

The Locked In Factor

How do you stop getting locked-in to technology ideas but also into financial concepts or ideas as well. Flexibility is important.

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