Always Put off Today…

Always put off today what you want to end up doing at either the most inconvenient or most inopportune time in your life. I learned this valuable lesson about procrastination, again, a week or two ago. My daughter’s computer blew up a day before she had to return to University. You remember me talking about student computer safety tip how I wasn’t sure how I was going to give my other daughter a lifeboat in case her computer gave up, well I didn’t have to worry about that, because it blew up at a very bad time for me.

An Example of Procrastination Gone Wrong


The offending procrastination example

As background the computer had been giving my daughter problems from day one and had died at the end of the spring term. I managed to get it back up and running and it had been working OK for the summer, but I should have replaced the disk at the start of the summer, or replaced the system, but I kept thinking it would work just fine, but karma proved that I was mistaken in my faith in HP laptops (have I mentioned they are the Devil’s spawn?).

Did I do as I have been espousing to you good reader? I unfortunately did not and procrastinated, and paid the price later (over $600 for a replacement laptop computer).  I ended up having an extra laptop at home. This non-financial procrastination cost me the ultimate price, money, and that is the problem.

I have written about procrastination and finances but as I age I seem to find the things I don’t want to do always come back and bite me in the ass somehow. This is what ends up happening when you procrastinate on decisions (in life but financially as well), you will end up paying for it later.

The other nice part of this kind of bad decision is that I have hindsight to show me the exact path I should have taken in the first place. Small consolation for the money I had to spend, but a lesson learned.


What does the 4th of July Mean?

In Canada the 4th of  July is really like any other day, except our noisy neighbours down south do put on quite the show for us. We have had our party on the 1st of July (so a lot of times we still are recovering from our own party), but we recognize our cousins to the South and their need to have a big celebration as well. Our stock markets are open, but there isn’t a lot of activity, since the American exchanges are closed. If we deal with American customers or clients it is a quiet day for a lot of folks as well (some of us even take the day off, just because it will be that quiet).

What does the 4th mean to me personally? HOLY CRAP! sums it up nicely. Why those simple two words? The year is now more than half over and remember all that stuff you were going to get done this year (that you may not have even started)? You have less than 6 months to complete it (in fact since December is usually a write off, you really only have 5 months left to do it).

Financially how are your plans for this year going? Have you given up on your plans because it’s just too darn hard? Are you succeeding and finding it too easy? Have you just forgotten all of it because of  day-to-day issues, and now want to get back to it?

4th of July

Fourth of July

Remember, you can always, re-think, re-start and re-new your plans, don’t walk away from them, simply because you haven’t been able to follow them (although maybe look the plan over, it may be you are being too ambitious, and should scale things back, or you are not taking important variables into consideration), but do not give up on your plans. Right now giving up on your plans is easy, the hard thing would be to get back to it and start again financially.

Yes, the year is half over, but you still have time, so give yourself a collective boot in the financial butt, and get cracking on your plans, no excuses now, just get back to it.

How Many Days ’til Christmas ?

Oh, and if you hadn’t thought of this, start, Christmas is less than 6 months away, so you had better start planning that in some fashion (although down south they also need to make their Thanksgiving plans as well). Yes, there is a lot to do, but don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing, start doing things it will all start moving from there.

To my American friends, family and readers, enjoy the Fourth of July, but keep it down, your neighbors to the North may still have a headache from their own fun on the weekend.



Thematic Premise for the Week: Procrastion

procrastination worksWhat, have I lost my mind? Am I espousing not doing things? No, but sometimes procrastination works for you (in some areas), especially in the areas of BUYING things.

Case in point this weekend, I have been putting off buying new running shoes for about 2 years now, schlepping around in my old beat up ones, but this weekend, thanks to a coupon my daughter received, I was able to get new shoes at a bargain price, and they are quite good shoes as well. This is what I am talking about.

Just for clarity sakes, here are some areas where procrastination is going to get you into a lot of trouble (in the financial world at least):

  • Paying your taxes, especially if you owe the government money. Don’t procrastinate here.
  • Paying your credit card debts, if you procrastinate there, you lose a plethora of your hard earned ca$hola.
  • Starting your retirement savings (RRSP, 401k, etc.,). The sooner you start the sooner you are ahead of things.

No, I am talking about MAJOR purchases, especially if you have to borrow to make the purchases. Do you need to buy that new car right now, or can you last a while longer with your older car? Do you need to buy that bigger house? Your daughter needs a $600 prom dress because…? These are all perfect areas where procrastination is a useful tactic.



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