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Thumb Screws

What the Hustler Taught Me About Banking

The Hustler is one of the greatest movies ever made, but it also teaches life lessons, especially about how banks & financial institutions treat “customers”

Remember, “Always leave a mark with some money in their pocket, that way they keep coming back”

Finance and Gen Y

Someone asked me, “What Gen Y has brought to the table?”. My first response was: “No World Wars good, Pay Day Loans bad, but #ADDSociety is major thing”, which translates to they haven’t had a… Read More »Finance and Gen Y

RDSP: Banking Challenge Ignored

I threw out an RDSP banking challenge, and, as usual, it was ignored by all the major banks. Guess I am not yelling loud enough?

You Aren’t Poor

You aren’t poor, you are broke, is a simple way to describe a lot of folks’ position these days. You need to get more money.

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