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Money Magnet

In-App Purchases and the New Economy

How much money is there in in-app purchases in on-line games? More than you think that is for sure. Do you know what your kids can spend?

The Financial Fitbit

Mrs. C8j got me for Christmas a Fitbit, which is a nifty little device that tries to track how much physical exercise you have been doing (e.g. how many steps you take, how many stairs… Read More »The Financial Fitbit

5 Ways to Optimally Use Your Pay Raise

Is there a good way to deal with a pay raise ? Here are 5 ways to use your pay raise in the best manner for you and your family.

Best Way to Save Your Money

Fairly easy perspective on the best way to save your money, but I won’t put any spoilers out here. Here is a hint, what happens if you leave it alone?

What is Lifestyle Creep ?

Lifestyle creep is rampant these days, where your lifestyle spending outstrips any income increases you might be receiving. Stop keeping up with the Joneses

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