Summer and Expenses

So the summer has now officially started, and we can wear white again (at least that is what my fashion folks tell me), and what I have noticed is the COST of the summer. When I was a young lad our part of Montreal ran a day camp for kids, which cost not very much. The business of running day camps for kids in the summer is now a ROARING business. Typical day camps now cost anywhere from $175 to $350 per week and if you send your kid away, even more! Holy Cow!

The amount of money spent on these camps is large, and you need to carefully plan your outlays on this, because you can bankrupt yourself sending your kids to camp (unless you are working then you get to claim these fees as Day Care, and can at least write off the costs).

If I had 3 kids who could go to camp, and each wanted to go for two weeks over the summer how much might that cost me (assuming $225 per session)?

6 * $225 = $1350.00

Um, holy cow!


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