$ 29 Billion in Arears ?

That is how much is owed to the CRA which is a real big number ( according to the Auditor General ) in fact the report actually states:

Michael Ferguson, Canada’s Current Auditor General

The outstanding balance in undisputed unpaid taxes was $29 billion at 31 March 2012. Each year, the Agency writes off a certain amount of debt that it considers uncollectible (sic). In 2011–12, it wrote off $2.8 billion.

Wow, that could wipe out the Federal Deficit, cool! So if the CRA hired a bunch of collection agencies I wonder how much they could actually recuperate ? Could they sell the debt to a collection agency? Even at a 90% discount they’d make almost $3 Billion which isn’t chump change.

This number is completely synthetic really, and will only be traipsed out during the next election or used for political fodder, but it still is an interesting number to think about. Think if they are charging 5% penalty fees, how much more money they could make.

Have a look at the Auditor General’s report it’s a very interesting read. You can even follow the Office of the Auditor General on Twitter as well!



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