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RRSP to TFSA Grand Jeté

Remembering that an RRSP is simply a tax deferral program, plan on moving that RRSP to TFSA in terms of the tax refund at least.

TFSA Retirement Welfare Bums

Remember when the TFSA limit was $10,000 for a while, those were happy times, even when we thought it was for Rich Folk’s benefit.

What is my TFSA Limit?

What is my TFSA limit ? You simply check the CRA web site, or you can call and ask as well. Remember money you withdrew this year, won’t be reflected yet.

TFSA Two Step

At RRSP time what do you do with the tax money you save? Maybe time to do the TFSA two step and put the tax money in your TFSA

TFSA Now and Then

A few years ago when TFSA‘s were a new and exciting thing, our friend Larry MacDonald did an article featuring me (and my son in the picture). The article discussed what TFSAs could be used… Read More »TFSA Now and Then

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