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University Costs

Advice for New Grads?

Do I have advice for new grads ? I have a lot of advice for them, but will they actually listen to this advice is my question.

Tuition Fees Down

Stats Canada put out their yearly report Tuition fees (in Canada) for degree programs, 2019/2020 a while ago. It has some interesting data including the fact that Tuition Fee costs for undergrad students dropped for… Read More »Tuition Fees Down

My 5 Best Investments

What are my 5 best investments ? Pretty easy for me to pick them out, they stand out keep paying back every time (for me). Education pays! Maybe not for you directly, but still! No, this is not the 5 best stocks to invest in right now.

The Business of University Fees

The business of university fees gets more and more complicated, and this death by 1000 fees, keeps expanding, to include more and more “optional” fees. Do you have to pay them? No, however, to opt out of them is not an easy task either.

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