Bill C-462 : Protecting Disabled Canadians or a Paper Tiger ?

For those of  you unaware Bill C-462 the Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Act ,was passed into law and received Royal Assent (2014-05-29) . 

Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restriction Act

Limits are needed for DTC Consultation Firms (link to CBC article on the act)

This Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Act  summary

This enactment restricts the amount of fees that can be charged or accepted by persons who, on behalf of a person with a disability, request a determination of disability tax credit eligibility under the Income Tax Act. It establishes a prohibition against charging or accepting more than an established maximum fee and establishes offences and penalties for failure to comply.

The Act was introduced by the Tories when they were in power, was passed, but seems to have disappeared, or simply is not being implemented. If you read the bill it looks like it would be easy to implement however in the summary you read:

“…an established maximum fee and establishes offences and penalties for failure to comply…”

The problem with the Act is that the maximum fee and the penalties for charging over that maximum have never been defined, nor has the act “come into force”, so I guess the act is dead, which is unfortunate. Seeing a maximum charge and penalties for those that try to gouge folks who are trying to get their Disability Tax Credit is needed.

While I have always said you should Do It Yourself, I realize some folks will need help, but not having any way to ensure the customers don’t get gouged, is very important.

Who Should You Contact About This?

If you want to voice your concerns about the Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Act, contact the sponsor of the bill  , she would like to hear from you as well. I have been in conversation with her, but nothing much seems to be happening with this, and this act is needed to protect folks.


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