Black Friday is here with alleged savings as far as you can see, even in Canada? The claim is that even in Canada there will be amazing Black Friday sales? What happens if you don’t really want to buy anything? The entire Black Friday thing is getting out of control, and seems to be an excuse to entice folks to spend more darn money, whether they need to, or not! Just how many deluxe, left-handed, artisan cheese straighteners do you need?

Santa at Home Depot

The Spirits of Xmas: Santa 75% off with a Monkey in a Palm Tree

Don’t spend all your hard-earned cash on Friday either, because there are the Cyber Monday sales that will be astounding and eye-popping? Again, if you really have no reason to buy anything, or don’t need anything, why would you care?

I would like to propose a new day after American Thanksgiving and we should call it Regretful Tuesday, where folks look back on the orgy of spending and eating they have done, and they suddenly get a bad case of guilt? My guess is that is precisely what does happen.

For those watching the Ontario Legislature, Rowan’s Law has been introduced and should be passed soon. There is a petition for this law, it should be interesting to see how this changes children’s competitive sports and coaching.

Ottawa’s football team is in the Grey Cup for the first time since before I moved here. It truly will be a RedBlackGrey Cup. Go RedBlackRenegadeRoughRiders!

My Writings for Week Ending November 27th

It was a buys week, as I got out 3 posts this week. It is not quite like my prodigious hay days when I used to pump out 5 posts a week, but better than usual:

  • Canadians Paid Even More For Food in October (4.1%) and things are not looking like they are getting any better in terms of Canadians trying to keep their families fed. Thanks to cheap gas (which we can’t drink) we continue to have a skewed view of inflation.
  • We were very happy to get the Notice of Determination on Disability Tax Credit letter in the mail, as it was in our favor in terms of tax considerations for my son’s disability. Mrs. C8j did a great job, so we can continue saving for my son’s future.
  • What the Hustler Taught Me About Banking is another one of my ideas that has been percolating for a while, in my archives of unfinished work. Given the reaction in terms of comments, other folks liked the idea too.

Facebook Post of the Week

What is the difference between a concussion and a simple bump on the head? The National Post takes a run at that question

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Paris, Black Friday, Financial Literacy and #MoneyStories

The world is again left scratching its head and asking, “Why?”, after ISIS attacked Paris. Honestly I have no idea of why this would be done, but as a wise man has pointed out, follow the money, and you will see the reason why.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower
Image courtesy of Simon Howden /

One of my most fond memories of ‪#‎Paris‬ is running around the Musée du Louvre snapping photos with a friend (in front of all the famous paintings and exhibits) and then wandering into a lovely restaurant with a McDonald’s shake in my hand (all to drive our boss nuts, who was complaining about how tourists in Paris only went to the Louvre and ate at McDonald’s). Again, all I can ask is Why?

Black Friday began at the start of November, but for those purists out there the actual Black Friday is next Friday (the 27th of November). Traditionally that was the day that pushed stores “to the black” (or into a profitable stance), however it is now yet another excuse to entice folks to spend money.

Financial Literacy month continues as well, have you learned something new about your finances today?

My Writings for Week Ending November 20th

It is truly the dark days of November here in Ottawa, but there were two new posts this week:

  • Cheques, Cameras and Banking Apps I rehashed some of my security concerns with Wi Fi in general and banking applications in specific on your smart phones or tablets, however, if you try to be secure these apps will mean less visits to your brick and mortar banks, but be careful with post-dated cheques.
  • If you are a customer of Rogers, do you realize Your Rogers VIP Points will be Worthless Soon ? Not that they were that great a thing in the first place, but you had better use them quickly, as they soon will be worthless.
  • From the archives remember that in Banking Everything is Negotiable, however, that does not guarantee you are going to get a better deal, just that you can always ask for one and see what happens (remember the answer is always NO unless you ask).

Facebook Post of the Week

Do you remember Y2K and all the craze about how the world was going to come to an end? Here are a bunch of other interesting computer bugs that you might not have known about.

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Remembrance Day passed Wednesday, for some it is a solemn day of reflection, for others a day off. As I have mentioned before, I work with former military folks, and I certainly thank them for their service to the country. I was also glad that it didn’t rain on the folks in downtown Ottawa.

It is Friday the 13th today, so for those concerned about bad karma or bad luck, tread carefully and hopefully the day will pass with little or few major catastrophes. For those of you still buoyed by the election results here is something to put things in perspective from MacLean’s Magazine Chart of the day: How much do MPs earn? They don’t include their expense accounts either.

Remember that November is financial literacy month and you should be looking for posts and tweets with the hash tags #FLM2015 and #CountMeInCA on them. There has been some great stuff already posted, so keep watching and see what other useful things you can learn about money and finances.

My Writings for Week Ending November 13th

I did write something this week that is important, and that is about the Disability Tax Credit Certificate, and how to reapply, please make sure you pass this info on to anyone who you think might need advice in that area:

Facebook Post of the Week

Remember that Vanguard really is one of the 800 pound gorillas that the market is going to listen to if they start flexing their collective might in the board room, but how do they represent their ETF shareholders best interests? Interesting quandary.

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Do you realize that November is Financial Literacy month here in Canada? This means more interesting articles this month from some of your favorite authors banging home some of the more important topics in Financial Literacy. A good month to start reading some new finance sites and learning more about things you might not know enough about.

Financial Literacy Month

Interesting new Cabinet Mr. Trudeau has chosen, half of the ministers are women too? A bold statement, we shall see how it all rolls down hill. The new finance minister has a challenge ahead, will he choose envelope B, and blame the Tories for leaving an empty cupboard, or cooking the books? That does seem to be the normal way to do things when you are elected.

The Hydro One IPO is coming up very soon, with a great deal of hub-bub and foofera. Is it a good thing? Is it a good deal? Should you invest in it? I most likely will invest in it, as it will most likely be reflected in one of my core Index Funds, but I will not be buying the stock directly.

My Writings for Week Ending November 6th

A busy week for me this week at home so not a great deal of new content for your Financial Literacy learning, but still some new content:

  • For those non-Church goers out there Sunday was All Saints day and I did manage to put out a best of tweets post with All Saints’ Money Tweets , some interesting stuff in there.
  • The one new post for the week was a play on the assertive way many presenters try to convince you of the “truthiness” of their statement with 99.9% of Financial Bloggers Agree, I was thinking of title’ing it 30 Helens Agree (financially), but changed my mind (Kids in the Hall are always a fun thematic premise to work from, I could write about these are the Marks in Finance I know…) .
  • I have talked about Financial Literacy in the past so here is last years start with What is Financial Literacy.

Facebook Post of the Week

It seems that there is a rule that some financial folk don’t agree on? Nice to see me mentioned though:

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Spooky Prices, Falling Back, and #MoneyStories

Halloween is tomorrow, and it seems to have become yet another excuse for folks to lose their minds decorating their houses. I think a great growth industry would be convertible home decorations, which can change from Halloween to Christmas, with a simple flick of a switch. The lights should be easy enough, but I am not sure how you might change a 10 foot tall inflated ghost into a 10 foot inflated Rudolph? Did you realize in 2011  13.3 million Canadian homes gave out Candy? That is a lot of homes (and even more Candy).


Time to Fall Back !

Some very spooky food prices this week as well, OK, last week, but I note that no one seemed to really care that much about it. The election is, however, a hot topic with many of our regular contributors in terms of how their lives (and yours as well) will be affected by the change in government.

Also remember that on Sunday morning (really early) the clocks go back an hour, which means that if you don’t do anything you will be early to work on Monday morning. The only way I remember is Spring Forward, Fall Back. The one nice thing about most technology is that they change their clocks themselves (except for older technology which change on the wrong days).

For me it is a lovely weekend ahead as well as it is the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday, with New Zealand playing Australia. I think this time I will cheer for the All-Blacks.

Microsoft Canada

My Writings for Week Ending October 30th

It’s another fun Halloween ahead, or as we call it at my house, my youngest daughter’s birthday. Halloween is an OK time to have your birthday, you don’t end up getting short-changed on presents as much (like those unfortunate folks born on Christmas Day or around then).

Facebook Post of the Week

What do you mean there can be negative interest rates? In Sweden this may well be the case!

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