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February’s Finest Financial Fables

February is Black History Month. Odd that they chose the shortest month of the year for that. I wrote and re-wrote a fair amount this month. I think I have found a rhythm, although very few folk have noticed. So be it, I write for me. Enjoy the Leap Day!

February 2024 Writings by Me

  • “Alas, I am Dying Beyond My Means” Explore what Oscar Wilde & Lotus F-1 racing teams knew about death. Plan your end-game status: enjoy or leave behind a packet of cash?
  • FinTech’s Foundations COBOL FinTech enjoys selling itself as the next generation in banking technology, but it has a very old friend helping it out, COBOL. COBOL underpins most financial systems, and sometimes they need old programmers to come in to fix it (and we are becoming fewer and fewer). A rehash by me, but I stand by my thoughts.
  • The Price of Long COVID I wrote this one at the behest of my wife. It then turned into an odd discussions about vaccines and such? No, that was not the point. Luckily the diatribe continues.
  • Happy Love Day Happy Love Day, yet another manufactured reason to squander money in the name of showing enough love for someone special?
  • Make Lent a Time for Financial Improvement During Lent, take the opportunity to reflect and improve your financial life. 40 days of self-care and planning can help make positive changes for the future.
  • Didn’t Think I’d Live This Long my mother’s lament every time I visit her in her residence. Dementia is an evil condition.
  • The Most Important Financial Decision You Will Make Understanding the importance of financial decisions is key when it comes to making good choices. This blog post gives you tips on how you can make the most out of your financial decisions.
  • Canadian Personal Finance Digest January 2024 quite a long list of articles I have written.
  • Numbers Don’t Lie (or the Vasectomy Story) I thought for sure folks would comment on this one, but not a whisper. A failed vasectomy story doesn’t cause some interest?
  • The 3rd Lemma of Money There are many ideas about money, but BCM’s 3rd lemma of money outlines how money use tends to expand with the amount you earn.

That was a fair amount of writing for a short month.

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