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The Dive of the Loonie in January

Welcome back the Family Allowance, as the Tories change the UCCB to become a taxable benefit, and we return to the happy world of the Family Allowance cheque (which at the end of the program was given and then clawed back if you made enough money). Interesting that the new UCCB pays out now, but a lot of folks who don’t realize it is a taxable income source, won’t figure it out until after the election? I know, the Liberals & NDP (and me) will be pointing that out long before the election.

Now there is talk of a real deficit this year (not a big one, but no balanced budget to go into the election with either). What with all the talk of recession (check out the CBC’s panel at the end of this and their views on this) and it looks like the economy may be a liability for the Tories, instead of a rallying point for voters.

Thanks to the drop in Interest rate drops last week, the Canadian Dollar is at an 11 year low, and doesn’t really show any sign of dropping either (so if you were planning a fun trip to the USA, it is going to cost you some more). For our American friends, come on up, everything is now much cheaper than it was last year.

Bell is now being forced to share their high-speed internet home connections? I applaud the CRTC for helping make sure there is competition for home high-speed internet access.

My Writings for Week Ending July 24th

Glad to see I am living in “sin city” in terms of Ashley Madison subscriptions :

Kobo Canada

I am still on this fine list from LSM Insurance:

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The Bank of Canada decided that the best way to wean an economy that is addicted to stimulation is to lower the interest rates ? To be honest, Canada does seem to be in a recession, but lowering Interest Rates is an interesting way to deal with it. Their exact statement about the economy (which they now claim won’t recover until mid-2017):

The lower outlook for Canadian growth has increased the downside risks to inflation. While vulnerabilities associated with household imbalances remain elevated and could edge higher, Canada’s economy is undergoing a significant and complex adjustment. Additional monetary stimulus is required at this time to help return the economy to full capacity and inflation sustainably to target.

Exchange Rate

CAD/USD Noon Rate

What did that do to the Canadian Dollar, you might ask? Have a look at this graph (on the right).

Weddings? Yes, my eldest daughter (Daughter 1.0), was married this past weekend and it was a wonderful event. She looked radiant, and it was interesting to be back in Kitchener. I thought Ottawa’s construction problems were insane, but Kitchener has taken it to a new level, ripping up King Street.

For those who have not participated in a wedding as a parent of one of the participants, it is a very different experience, and I was not really ready about how emotionally draining it was, and yet another event that reminds you of your own mortality.

Greece? Seriously? Who is writing this stuff? Anybody investing in Greece trying to maybe make some quick money? You are? You are NUTS!!!

My Writings for Week Ending July 17th

I was recovering from my daughter’s wedding, so not much new from me this week, but maybe some more helpful family posts :

I did buy something on Amazon Prime day, but what was the impact of Amazon? The Economist has something for you:

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Glitches, Greece, Recessions and #BestMoneyStories

Well, wasn’t that exciting on Wednesday? The NYSE (arguably one of the most important stock exchanges in the world) is shut down due to a computer glitch? Seems I have read something like this before in Debt of Honor (by Tom Clancy)? Maybe not, but that was the first thing I thought of when I heard the NYSE was shut down.

Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy

Link to the book on Amazon

The fact that the Wall Street Journal and United Airlines both had issues as well, makes you scratch your head a little as well, doesn’t it? Were there any strange stock prices entered on Wednesday (Read the novel for that reference).

So Greece decided they didn’t like the EU terms for their bail out and are making up their own deal? This stuff just writes itself, amazing. I plan on sending TD my terms on how I will not pay much back on my Mortgage as well, see how that works for me.

American banks seem to think that Canuckstan, I mean Canada, is in a recession. Our latest finance minister disagrees and just says, “… it’s a flesh wound, nothing to worry about…”, but it remains to be seen who is right and who is wrong here.

Speaking of teetering stock markets, China’s latest Stock Market foray seems to be close to a great fall as well? Not a great week in the investing world I suppose.

My Writings for Week Ending July 10th

A lazy week for me, actually, a very busy week as we prepare for a wedding this week, may not be too much next week we shall see if any Frays or Boultons are at the wedding (Game of Thrones reference) :

Speaking of security don’t fall for the latest IM scam:

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Thanks to the odd placement of July 1st this year, I am enjoying two 2-day work weeks (unfortunately with a 1 day weekend in between). I did my best to stuff as much as I could into my 1 day weekend.

4th of July


It is the 4th of July on Saturday and our American relations will show how a Real Party is done. More than one comedian has quipped that the 4th should be renamed Blow Something Up Day but I am OK with seeing a country truly revel in their own freedoms. Oh and for those of you who have said, “I am moving to Canada now that same-sex marriage is legal”, you might want to reconsider things a little. 🗽

Greece, ’nuff said. By the way, who loaned them the money, Money Mart?

According to our friends over at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Bill C-518 died “on the vine”, in the Senate. Bill C-518 was the bill passed in the house of commons that was, “… (the law to revoke taxpayer-funded pensions from criminal politicians)…”, I guess I am curious to ask, “And you thought the Senate would pass it?”. The CTF is always fun to read (I agree with the National Post on that one).

My Writings for Week Ending July 3rd

Now that Canada Day is done, what next? August long weekend? Simcoe Days? Labor Day? Christmas? Yikes! :

And now, deep thoughts with Preet Banerjee:

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As of the 21st of June, the summer of 2015 has started, with all the associated hoopla and fun. Remember that during the summer you might forget some important things like making sure your bills get paid, so maybe spend some time automating your bill payments for the summer, so that you don’t get in trouble with your creditors, and utilities.

Canadian Flag

Early Happy Canada Day

Canada Day is coming next week, on a Wednesday which will make for a great deal of confusion for folks, trying to figure out the ideal usage of their vacation, but my personal theory is if you spend 4 days vacation and get a complete week off, you are getting a 25% bonus, so take the days and enjoy the time off. Others have argued with me, why take vacation around that time, nothing is going on at work, they’d rather take their vacation when the office is busy. Both arguments are fine,  just remember to take your vacation (if Gail Vaz-Oxlade can take Time Off, so can you).

If you want a really summery thought it is less than 6 months until Christmas. How is your planning and shopping going for Christmas 2015? Here is another helpful hint, it is on a Friday, which means New Years Day is a Friday, and you have a whole weekend to recover from New Years Eve. Not helpful? How about this great advice about what to do before you go to bed before New Years Eve ?

The CFL season has started, go RedBlacks !

My Writings for Week Ending June 26th

Canada Day is quickly approaching, but it falling on a Wednesday assures next week is going to be a rather herky jerky kind of week:

  • I have started using Zinio again from the Ottawa Public Library (a magazine reading app, that through the library allows you to browse for free), and using that I noted that Money Magazine had a “Money 101” section, and this was one of the questions in that section What is My Tax Bracket ? Now in Canada it is not really that straight forward as we have so many taxes to deal with, but it gives you an idea (and Yes, you should at least have an idea what your tax bracket entails).
  • Given I am all for for Financial Literacy I figured  I would try to give some helpful hints about figuring out when you are about to be overwhelmed by debt with, Symptoms Your Debt Load is Getting Out of Control, and yes those are actual examples.
  • On this site’s sister blog, I published LastPass Hacked and Best of Technology and Security This Week , in case you are looking to learn a bit about technology and the associated security on that technology.

Something helpful from Larry MacDonald:

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