As predicted a market correction is happening (where predicted means, 8 out of the last 2 market corrections have been correctly predicted), and the world is excited. We have the crazed old sages saying, “See I told you!“, others saying, “Nothing to worry about“, and still others saying “this is why you should have an actively traded portfolio“, naturally my philosophy is, “I am an indexer, I don’t care what the Index did this past week“. I buy my Index Funds, I re-balance every 6 months or so (need to get my robo-balancer up) and that is about it. I lived through the great crashes of ’87, ’93, ’00, ’08 and hopefully I’ll live through this as well.


Fall Financial Haiku

Ebola is here on the North American continent and it has killed as many people this week, as were murdered in Toronto this week, but luckily it is filling every media outlet, all looking for new angles on how to scare the public more. I believe the odds of you getting hit by a car are a little higher than getting Ebola (currently), but those odds may shorten should Ebola become air-borne (cue dramatic music). Yes, it is an important problem, but right now, there is far too much being said about something that isn’t understood (much like money, these days). You are also more likely to die from the Flu this year (than Ebola), but will hospitals be full to the gunnels with folks with the flu thinking they have Ebola? I think so.

The Loonie is at a 5 year low being about 88 cents to the Mighty American Buck, but that will help Canadian exporters (not folks wanting to buy American deals for Christmas though).

Gas is dropping in price again, which will mean screwed up Inflation numbers next month, where I am sure even though food costs 10% more than last year at this time, we will actually be in a state of DEflation. I love how data can be jumbled around to reflect any message you want.

Good news on the Hockey front, neither the Leafs, Sens or Habs are already eliminated from the playoffs (but it is early yet).

My Writings for Week Ending October 17th

The turkey genocide of 2014 happened, with very little fan fair, but there is talk of more atrocities against our avian friends in the coming months in the name of American Thanksgiving and worse still Christmas! My writings were pretty thin this week, I guess I made a bit too merry for Thanksgiving?

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Hockey before turkey? What the heck is going on around here? The Hockey Season has already started, the games are on Rogers, and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet? This is a very confusing time for a simple Big Cajun Man like me. What sport to watch? CFL or NFL Football? Baseball Playoffs? Hockey ? Lacrosse ? UFC? WWE? Accountant Death Cell Matches ? Nude Actuarial Hopscotch? Lawn Bowling ? Urban Tidily Winks ? So many choices.

Lovely Leaves

Lovely Leaves on Highway 7

Thanksgiving weekend, a time for all of us to celebrate the bountiful harvest, and our families, and slaughter as many turkeys as possible.

The leaves are changing colours (the Leafs are still blue, happily for the Blunt Bean Counter), and we get to enjoy Mother Natures own fireworks display of amazing colours this weekend as well.

Luckily Air Canada can put a damper on all of this, by imposing a tariff on carry on luggage, thus causing people to be even weirder while traveling. Wait until you are sitting next to a family traveling, where each of them are wearing 4 change of clothing (one on top of the other) on the plane, that is going to make for a very fun time. I even have a new name for this new Canadian cultural anomaly, layer packing™ (you heard it here first).

Canadian Blood Services, really needs donors, if you haven’t given lately, time to drop by, the blood supply is dangerously low!


My Writings for Week Ending October 10th

Turkeys have died by the hundreds of thousands for you to enjoy a lovely turkey dinner, some would view this carnage as barbaric, I have no such qualms with this aviary genocide.

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October snuck in the door this week, and I didn’t notice until I wrote a cheque, checked the calendar, and went, “Where the **!@ did September go?!?”. October is like the Fog in Sandburg’s poem it “… comes on little cat’s feet…”, but unfortunately it may well leave with a boat load of snow. If it is October, then we have reached the final (calendar) quarter for the year 2014, might be time to start thinking about a year-end wrap up on your financial plans and such?

Tank Man

Where Did this Man End Up?

The best question asked a few weeks ago was, “How long until there is an EBOLA vaccine and cure?”, the answer is, “About 50 infected rich white guys”. Now that the virus has landed in North America, will the speed of finding a cure increase? EBOLA is now on the North American continent, not sure what this means, but it does make for sensational headlines, doesn’t it?

Hong Kong is full of folks demonstrating, let us hope it ends better than previous “democracy” demonstrations in China. We really don’t need another Tank Man, or any of the other events that followed The Memory of Tiananmen 1989 (PBS Link). This site is already “blocked” in China (I have checked), so I don’t think I am in danger of that, however, I do note I get a lot of “illegal access” messages from Shang Hai, and Beijing (must be fans of mine?).

For those DIY Tech folks out there, should you ever break off the pin from your headphones in the jack of your iPad, all you need to fix it is a Q-tip and Krazy Glue. The video is at the bottom of this article (yes, I really did it, and it worked).

Canadian Blood Services, really needs donors, if you haven’t given lately, time to drop by, the blood supply is dangerously low!


My Writings for Week Ending October 3rd

Thanksgiving for Canada is next weekend, and that can mean only 1 thing, bad turkey puns, and lots of talk of Christmas.

  • Most of the information I found on my Equifax report was right, but my name is kind of wrong, as I outline in Equifax and Their Information
  • On occasion I write blatantly obvious statements, in hope they cause folks to go, “Oh, yeh!”, and that was my hope with Best Way to Save Your Money
  • I am a person who learns better from concrete examples showing me what would happen (money wise) if I started putting money in my child’s RESP, and that was my goals with RESP from Start to Spend, to create a concrete example to show how it is better to start early.

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It is Autumn here in Ottawa, the leaves are changing, there is a chill in the air and the MPs are back for their 20 days of work until Christmas. I am sure there is lots going on down on Rideau Street, lots of repairs on the Houses of Parliament and such, but what goes on in the House of Commons, is more of a mystery. Luckily, we also have a municipal election as well, with my doppelganger Jim Watson a shoo-in for re-election, but he has lost some weight, so I had better work on that, if I want to be mistaken for him again (that and shave off the beard).

Sandy McTire

It’s Sandy McTire™
from Canadian Tire™

The United Kingdom remained together, but what will this mean in terms of powers given to Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands? Should be an interesting bit of Political Flim Flammery, as what keeps happening with Quebec Sovereignty, stay tuned, I am sure that will get back on the front burner soon as well.

The Ottawa Senators, sold the naming rights to Canadian Tire, for the arena in Kanata, and then the Sens made a tremendous announcement this week. At the Canadian Tire Center (during the exhibition season at least), you will be able to pay for your concessions (including beer) with Canadian Tire Money! Suddenly Sandy McTire can buy me a brew, for all the stuff I have bought at his store. In celebration the Sens beat the Leafs twice, causing Leaf nation to explode in a flurry of finger pointing.

My Writings for Week Ending September 26th

Autumn is in the air, which means leaves and figuring out how to get my car back into my garage.

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The good news of the week is Master Big C8j (my son) has had the K-wires removed from his elbow/humerus, and is on the mend from his summer elbow destruction. The CHEO parking lot was a zoo thanks to a new enterovirus going around, and the ortho clinic was busy with 90 kids waiting for either a checkup or have their cast changed (or removed). Took a while to get it all done, but the folks at CHEO work hard for their money, I have no complaints, and am glad they are around.

Alibaba (the IPO) is happening today, and I am watching the whole sequence of events with great interest . I think I am prejudice against Chinese investments like this, but part of it is because I honestly have no idea how the Chinese “market” works, and due to this how can I buy into one of their “market leaders”? It’s like asking me who is the best Pakistani Cricketer (not to be derisive about Cricket, my Grandfather loved the game, I just never watched it), I have no idea, because I have no expertise in the area.

Union Jack

This Flag Might Have been a Little Less Blue, had the vote gone differently

I was saddened to read about Rob Ford’s cancer issues. While I have lampooned the man, and his Mayoral run, no one deserves Cancer and I wish him good luck in his fight (I am hoping his fighting spirit works in his favor in this battle).

Apple claims 4 million iPhone 6’s sold in the first 24 hours of sales, which is interesting, since I heard from my sources that the Canadian Apple store was down at 3:00 AM when the sales were supposed to start. Amazing what tech crazes cause normal folks to do, isn’t it? Also interesting to see that the NFC chip in the iphone 6 will only work with Apple Pay (initially).

I remember when Charles De Gaulle while visiting Edinburgh shouted, “Vive L’Écosse! Vive L’Écosse Libre!“, well maybe not, but it seems my kilt wearing brethren from up North voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Speaking as the son of a Welshman, Pob lwc! and thanks for all the new powers that Wales will inherit from this healthy public exchange! As was heard during the campaign, Free Scotland! (from the Scottish)…

My Writings for Week Ending September 19th

It is chilly and the leaves are changing colour here in Ottawa, and all the MP’s are back to do, whatever they do.

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