The good news of the week is Master Big C8j (my son) has had the K-wires removed from his elbow/humerus, and is on the mend from his summer elbow destruction. The CHEO parking lot was a zoo thanks to a new enterovirus going around, and the ortho clinic was busy with 90 kids waiting for either a checkup or have their cast changed (or removed). Took a while to get it all done, but the folks at CHEO work hard for their money, I have no complaints, and am glad they are around.

Alibaba (the IPO) is happening today, and I am watching the whole sequence of events with great interest . I think I am prejudice against Chinese investments like this, but part of it is because I honestly have no idea how the Chinese “market” works, and due to this how can I buy into one of their “market leaders”? It’s like asking me who is the best Pakistani Cricketer (not to be derisive about Cricket, my Grandfather loved the game, I just never watched it), I have no idea, because I have no expertise in the area.

Union Jack

This Flag Might Have been a Little Less Blue, had the vote gone differently

I was saddened to read about Rob Ford’s cancer issues. While I have lampooned the man, and his Mayoral run, no one deserves Cancer and I wish him good luck in his fight (I am hoping his fighting spirit works in his favor in this battle).

Apple claims 4 million iPhone 6’s sold in the first 24 hours of sales, which is interesting, since I heard from my sources that the Canadian Apple store was down at 3:00 AM when the sales were supposed to start. Amazing what tech crazes cause normal folks to do, isn’t it? Also interesting to see that the NFC chip in the iphone 6 will only work with Apple Pay (initially).

I remember when Charles De Gaulle while visiting Edinburgh shouted, “Vive L’Écosse! Vive L’Écosse Libre!“, well maybe not, but it seems my kilt wearing brethren from up North voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Speaking as the son of a Welshman, Pob lwc! and thanks for all the new powers that Wales will inherit from this healthy public exchange! As was heard during the campaign, Free Scotland! (from the Scottish)…

My Writings for Week Ending September 19th

It is chilly and the leaves are changing colour here in Ottawa, and all the MP’s are back to do, whatever they do.

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Home Despot, iPhones, and #theBestFin4TheWeek

Home Depot lost my personal information, so now I got free Equifax? I still don’t think it’s a fair trade. Reminds me of a bad joke by Henny Youngman:

Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.

That’s not very funny any more, but at least it’s topical? Oh, and remember it is not just Home Depot card users that are hit with the data breach, it is anyone who used any credit card in a Home Depot in the past few months.

Old Cell Phone

Not a Photo of the new iPhone.

The new iPhone 6.0 is out and everyone is flocking to the Apple Store to be the first one in line to have one of these technological marvels. It has more computing power than all the computers on the Apollo space mission, but can I figure out how to turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, Notifications and keep it from running up a huge data bill? This is the question I would like answered! (Yes, I know how to do this, but it is not as easy as you might think). Hipsters are flipping their straw hats in Starbucks, whilst sipping their Hot Frappucinno Skinny Lattes over this new piece of Marketing-ware. I am sure I’ll end up with a newer phone some day, but I have just spent 2 weeks making Apple repair my “Sleep Button” and “Battery” recall issues on my iPhone 5.0, so I will be happy with the old technology I have.

Yesterday was the 13th  anniversary of a day that changed the world, to me it seems still very brilliant in my fading memory, the day, where I was, how the day transpired, but let us hope for a better day today.

My Writings for Week Ending September 12th

Autumn leaves are appearing here, and there soon will be a chill that only means one thing, the Fall is coming.

  • In your financial life there are plenty of Questions, but what if I gave you the Answer could you figure out the Financial Question Associated with it?
  • Nothing in life is Free, and my Free Equifax subscription came at a steep cost, as you can read about in Free is a Good Price (but sometimes is still too expensive).
  • The new iPhone 6.0 is causing the normal amount of Hoopla with the Apple Hipster crowd, so I figured I’d join in with Apple Pay and Near Field Communication, so now you can use your phone to empty your bank account (and surprisingly not on Cell Phone Fees (only)). What security problems could there be? This is Apple, think how safe all those dodgy celebrity photos were in the Cloud?

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Back to school, for most folks this week (although many folks already were back last week). The stores are abuzz with folks looking for loose leaf paper, HB Pencils, and the coolest new Beatles Pencil Case (OK maybe I am a little out of touch on this new generation).

The Dutchie

Bring Back the Dutchie, Burger Hortons!

I welcome Tim Burger King or Burger Horton’s or whatever the new Canadian Super Fast Food monster will call itself. I am astounded to hear that it is cheaper to run a business in Canada than it is to run in the U.S., but if we become a Tax Haven for our rich cousins down south, then so be it! Maybe they will bring back the Dutchie !

Since I grew past 6 feet tall, I have never really fit into any mass transit situation (sitting at least), so when I saw the stories about the Knee Defender I was tickled pink to hear someone was thinking about we tall folks and how we don’t really fit in the tight spaces created in Airplanes.  Is it rude to stop the person in front of you from reclining into your lap on an airplane? Maybe, but speaking as someone who has been at the mercy of airlines for many years (space wise) I would buy one of these in a heartbeat if I was traveling for more than an hour on an airplane.

I have been fiddling around with Emojis and where they might fit best. From what I can tell they can be useful for things like the Twitter machine, but in day to day posting I can’t see a great need to have this ☠ or 🚾 in most things I write, however, in social media I do see a use for things like : 💳 💸💰 or 💱 where you are looking for quick and shorter messages. If you find them annoying, it is me simply trying to get the message to you faster and more graphically.

I gave blood last week as well, and now have been selected to be a Blood Platelets donor as well.
Give Blood This Year

My Writings for Week Ending September 5th

A full week of writing this week for the first time in a few months, seems I had a lot to say this week.

  • It is important to always celebrate the workers control of the means of production and thus we had Happy Labour Day 2014
  • Will I ever stop writing about RESPs? Not for a few more years that is for sure, and this year we have RESP Another Year of Fun, where you must remember that FUn starts with F and U
  • I am relatively docile and paranoid about investing thus I keep with relatively safe(r) investment portfolios, but I never thought my Portfolio was Too Conservative
  • In God We Trust is on the American dollar, but remember everyone else you should ask for proof, and that is at the core of Always Follow Up (Financially).

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Happy Labour Day 2014

Hope you are all enjoying the end of the Summer 2014, as usual, I have no idea where the summer went, but it’s time to realize a few important things about this date:

  • There are 4 months left in this year, like I said, time flies.
  • Less than 4 months until Christmas, and I am pretty sure it is already Christmas at Costco, and the first Christmas commercial will come on right after the Back to School events are over.
  • Back to School, for those of us with kids, could mean a lot of money being spent on “small things”. Oh and on Tuesday the 2nd, stay the heck away from Wal-Mart and Staples, it’s like Boxing Day in September there.

If you have some spare time read some of my thoughts on Labour and Work:

  • Do you enjoy work? Maybe you should Work Less and Pay Less Taxes? Maybe not, but you know what I mean.
  • Does your Money work for you, or do you work for your money? I know I work for my money, but maybe one day it will work for me as well.
  • I am also a firm believer in the Value of a Day Off, and I can hear Mrs C8j shouting about how I don’t take enough vacation, but again, do as I say, not as I do.

Enjoy your day off!

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An eventful week at the C8j household, with young Master C8j breaking his humerus, whilst playing on the Monkey Bars at camp. It was a long process to get him fixed up, Mrs. C8j carried the brunt of the load, but now Master C8j has 4 Kirschner Wires in his elbow and a while until he gets to climb on the Monkey Bars again. This is what 9 year olds do, is what I am told by the surgeon (he says there are many of these same procedures done on kids at CHEO every year). Yesterday all I could think of was Bill Cosby’s old standup routine about the Playground (I have included it at the end of this in the Video Section), but it’s true you never see any grownups on the monkey bars!

Here is a useful like to Donate to CHEO as well.

It is in you to give

Yup, that is my arm

During stressful situations, you meet the most interesting folks, and during Master C8j’s repairs, one of the Doctors we met at CHEO, actually is a leading EBOLA doctor (why he was working in the Emergency Room of CHEO, just shows Doctors do lots of interesting things). He made one very interesting comment about the current problems in Africa, it is not as much a medical issue, as it is a Policing of Patients issue. People want to visit their family in hospital, and don’t know why they can’t, worse still the patients don’t want to be in Hospital so they keep trying to leave! Fascinating very short chat we had.

Congrats to the Canadian Women’s Rugby 15’s team for winning the Silver Medal at the World Cup of Rugby for Women. Canadian Women are tough broads (I should know, I have 3 daughters (one that plays Rugby)).

Under the “That’s Incredible” section of things, Mrs. C8j has been married to me for 27 years today, I believe that is the “You Realize, You Are Still Wrong!” anniversary, or something like that. Mrs. C8j is a patient loving woman, who has very poor taste in choosing mates, of which I took full advantage.

I gave blood this week as well, and now have been selected to be a Blood Platelets donor as well.
Give Blood This Year

My Writings for Week Ending August 22nd

Given all the excitement down at the Big C8j Hacienda, didn’t get a lot written this week (and I am on vacation next week too), but I did get a couple of good ones in, for your reading pleasure, Good Reader.

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