Stats Canada published their Labour Survey for October 2015, and after some fairly bland numbers for the past little while, thanks to the Liberal victory there are 44,000 more jobs in the economy! Yes, that is me being a smart-ass, the Liberals had little or nothing to do with it.

The exact quote from the report was:

After four months of little change, employment increased by 44,000 (+0.2%) in October, bringing the number of people employed in Canada to over 18 million for the first time. The unemployment rate declined by 0.1 percentage points to 7.0%.

Is this a vindication for Mr. Harper? I have no idea, but it is nice to have some positive numbers to talk about for once. Unemployment dropping is a good thing.

Canadian Unemployment Graph

Unemployment for Past 5 years

I stole my headline directly from the report with, specifically:

In October, employment increased by 44,000 for women aged 55 and older and their unemployment rate fell from 5.4% to 5.0%. Compared with 12 months earlier, employment for this group was up 92,000 (+5.8%), partly the result of growth in their population.

Congratulations ladies! The statement that there are more women over age 55 is simply reflecting the baby boomers getting older.

The only concerning detail I read was that there were 32000 more jobs in Public Administration, thus the public service continues to grow?

A more optimistic looking curve is the following:

Employment in Canada for Past 5 years

Employment for the past 5 years

If you want even more data from Stats Canada check out these tables of all the data available:

Labour News for 2015

Here are some of the posts about jobs from this past year:

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Do you realize that November is Financial Literacy month here in Canada? This means more interesting articles this month from some of your favorite authors banging home some of the more important topics in Financial Literacy. A good month to start reading some new finance sites and learning more about things you might not know enough about.

Financial Literacy Month

Interesting new Cabinet Mr. Trudeau has chosen, half of the ministers are women too? A bold statement, we shall see how it all rolls down hill. The new finance minister has a challenge ahead, will he choose envelope B, and blame the Tories for leaving an empty cupboard, or cooking the books? That does seem to be the normal way to do things when you are elected.

The Hydro One IPO is coming up very soon, with a great deal of hub-bub and foofera. Is it a good thing? Is it a good deal? Should you invest in it? I most likely will invest in it, as it will most likely be reflected in one of my core Index Funds, but I will not be buying the stock directly.

My Writings for Week Ending November 6th

A busy week for me this week at home so not a great deal of new content for your Financial Literacy learning, but still some new content:

  • For those non-Church goers out there Sunday was All Saints day and I did manage to put out a best of tweets post with All Saints’ Money Tweets , some interesting stuff in there.
  • The one new post for the week was a play on the assertive way many presenters try to convince you of the “truthiness” of their statement with 99.9% of Financial Bloggers Agree, I was thinking of title’ing it 30 Helens Agree (financially), but changed my mind (Kids in the Hall are always a fun thematic premise to work from, I could write about these are the Marks in Finance I know…) .
  • I have talked about Financial Literacy in the past so here is last years start with What is Financial Literacy.

Facebook Post of the Week

It seems that there is a rule that some financial folk don’t agree on? Nice to see me mentioned though:

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99.9% of Financial Bloggers Agree

Don’t you just love that title? Doesn’t it make you want to know, what apparently such a large portion of financial bloggers agree on? Isn’t it a great manipulation of numbers?

I was in a course and the instructor felt she needed to get us to really believe a point she was making so she stated,

“…. 99.9% of the people I talk to, agree that…”

This statement is (of course) completely bogus, since I somehow doubt she has spoken to 1000 people about the point she was making (and that she only found 1 person to disagree, since I disagreed with the statement as soon as it came out of her mouth).


Almost a Certainty ?

Are there concepts that Financial Writers agree on so aboslutely? What might some of these important ideas be, that most Financial Writers agree with?

  • If you spend less than you make, you will be able to stay out of debt, remember I have already written about 10 Steps to a Debt Free Life.
  • If you do nothing about your retirement, you will have a very uncomfortable retirement (unless you win the lottery, have a huge inheritance, or lived your life completely out of debt).
  • You must have an emergency fund, it must  at least 3 months gross pay, and it must not  invested in the stock market.
  • It doesn’t really matter if you put extra money in your Mortgage, RRSP or TFSA, as long as you do it, and stick to it (although 84.23% of Fin Bloggers might say start with the Mortgage and then, save it in something).
  • Pay Day loans are a bad idea, no ands ifs or buts.
  • The best time to figure out whether you bought the correct investment is 5 years later, but that won’t change anything (sorry).

Any other things that 99.9% of financial bloggers agree on?


All Saints’ Money Tweets

Happy All Saints’ Day, where we solemly note all the saints, and remember those who have passed away this year as well. You might well ask who is the patron saint of money? I am glad you asked, Saint Matthew is the patron saint of money, as he was a tax collector for the Romans before he became a Christian (oh and Saint Matthew’s day is September 21st). I believe it is also Financial Literacy month, so watch for #FinLit tweets as well.

What spooky and exciting money tweets were there this week? Well just have a look at some of these beauties.

I always like it when Stats Canada has some fun, and they have published a very fun report to read about Halloween related information, a lot of fun this one:

Apple’s Q4 numbers looked quite good, evidently the hipsters that lover their Apple products continue to keep buying, and any tweet with a Simpsons theme is OK by me as well.

Ellen Roseman wants to make sure we don’t fall for the phony CRA calls that are happening more and more, trying to Phish information from us.

Are you ready for an emergency, Stats Canada (who seems to be stepping up their Social Media presence, so good on them) has some numbers for you on this:

I think in the big picture, we all want to be Preet, as he proves, he lives an exciting life. Can’t remember the last time I used a light sabre at work.

Some of Canada’s leading bloggers pose and show off their pearly whites, no, I am not in the picture.


Spooky Prices, Falling Back, and #MoneyStories

Halloween is tomorrow, and it seems to have become yet another excuse for folks to lose their minds decorating their houses. I think a great growth industry would be convertible home decorations, which can change from Halloween to Christmas, with a simple flick of a switch. The lights should be easy enough, but I am not sure how you might change a 10 foot tall inflated ghost into a 10 foot inflated Rudolph? Did you realize in 2011  13.3 million Canadian homes gave out Candy? That is a lot of homes (and even more Candy).


Time to Fall Back !

Some very spooky food prices this week as well, OK, last week, but I note that no one seemed to really care that much about it. The election is, however, a hot topic with many of our regular contributors in terms of how their lives (and yours as well) will be affected by the change in government.

Also remember that on Sunday morning (really early) the clocks go back an hour, which means that if you don’t do anything you will be early to work on Monday morning. The only way I remember is Spring Forward, Fall Back. The one nice thing about most technology is that they change their clocks themselves (except for older technology which change on the wrong days).

For me it is a lovely weekend ahead as well as it is the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday, with New Zealand playing Australia. I think this time I will cheer for the All-Blacks.

Microsoft Canada

My Writings for Week Ending October 30th

It’s another fun Halloween ahead, or as we call it at my house, my youngest daughter’s birthday. Halloween is an OK time to have your birthday, you don’t end up getting short-changed on presents as much (like those unfortunate folks born on Christmas Day or around then).

Facebook Post of the Week

What do you mean there can be negative interest rates? In Sweden this may well be the case!

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