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Hey, I have a credit Rating

In the past couple of days I lamented that I didn’t know what my Credit Rating was, well, now I do, thanks to the Canadian Capitalist. If you check out this Blog and you will be able to get YOUR report on line. I was impressed by how this was available (for a fee) on line, and it is very thorough. I was dismayed to see how many open credit vehicles I have. I seem to pay my bills on time, so my rating seems ok, but my creditors have many open lines with me.

Remember my rant from Saturday, go to your bank or lender and close those lending vehicles you are not using. They are dangerous and in these days of identity theft, you must be ever vigilant to make sure you are not a victim. If you don’t need that credit card, or line of credit, close that credit vehicle! You can always get it back if you need to later. I beg you!

My Visa card problems continue, I must now fill in 3 separate forms and mail them in within 15 days to get those bogus charges off my card. Yes, that is not what I call service!

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