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Warranties and Computers

Now, this is a very interesting one. I know that my employer, pays for a support contract with a company to support our computers (and they pay a pretty penny too). Do I need that kind of coverage?

Let’s go check out the DELL web site, since they are a good example of where normal folks buy computers (I buy them from shadowy characters in stores, and we speak in code, so I am not a good example to work with right now).

Say we buy a Dell Dimension 3000 (it’s the current system on sale) for $499 (plus tax plus shipping). This system comes with 1 year on-site hardware service warranty, that’s pretty darn good. So for a year, if your system breaks, someone will come to your house and try to fix it! (Remember to do backups, run anti-virus, anti-spy and PAY for your software too, no pirated stuff, eh?).

To extend that warranty by 1 year it would cost me $79 (plus tax). Well, I have found that stuff on a computer will BREAK within the first 3 months of getting it (again, your mileage may vary). If the CPU goes, or the Motherboard, this is expensive to fix and you may as well buy a new system. A hard-drive crash? Unless you are running a porn web site on your system, your hard drive shouldn’t crash within a year. Do you extend the warranty? I wouldn’t but again that is just me (and I can fix these things myself).

Remember also with computers, in 3 years your system is a BOAT ANCHOR. Getting a warranty past that, means you are supporting a machine you most likely will want to replace!

Here is another good discussion (and real world example) from my buddies at Lockergnome.

Think about this kind of stuff guys!


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  1. That’s why you buy clones made with parts that carry 3-year manuf warranties(actual manufacturers’, not the guys who assembled the final PC), especially hard drives. Yes, I know hard drives now come with 1 year warranties, but check the product catalogues, you’ll find still plenty of quite-affordable drives with 3 year manuf warranties. CPUs, too, come with 3 year warranties if you buy the boxed versions. I don’t know about motherboards, but I believe most good manufs give 3 years.

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