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Lotteries? What are you Nuts?

Lotteries are for Suckers

This is from my first years of writing, but I do like the sentiment.

For those of you who enjoy lotteries, may I ask you to please just send me 10% of the money you spend on it. This way at least I can be solvent and you guys can flush your money down the toilet.

Tough words? Well I worked in the lottery business for a while (I’ve worked in a lot of the 7 deadly sins, but that is for another day) and there are three folks who make money on Lotteries:

  1. The People who run the lottery, but governments don’t let you do that
  2. The people who print the lottery tickets (but they make a lot less than the lottery owner)
  3. The people who SELL the lottery tickets

For my regular readers, yes I have ranted about this before, but now I am noticing more people wasting their money on lotteries and hoping they can retire with their winnings. What the government doesn’t take enough of your money, you enjoy throwing it out of the window?

You feel you MUST spend your money here are some ideas on where to put your money:

  • A charity, that way you get 10-20% of it back in tax credits
  • Pay your credit card debt with it, then you are saving 19% a year!
  • Buy your kids a savings bond, for their education, or put money in an RESP or RRSP

Stop squandering your money on this stuff!

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