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Real World Example: Basketball Hoop

My kids are into basketball (as is there old man, who is a beat down old center from a crappy 70’s high school team), and they wanted to get a backboard so they could practice shooting. I saw the price of them at the Canadian Tire and hummed and hawed, and decided on Huffy as the brand but was not sure of the type to buy. Procrastination paid off, the “middle of the brand line” backboard went on sale for $170 down from $290, and I then proceeded to drive to 3 different Canadian Tires to get it, so what have we learned?

  • I am a cheap bastard who pinches pennies, GUILTY as charged.
  • Procrastination on buying big ticket items seems to work as a strategy.
  • Everything goes on sale eventually.
  • Never trust a store when it says, “Our computer says the Bells Corners store has 10 in stock”, get them to call ahead, and get the name of the person at the other store, so you can at least beat them up if they lied!

What did it look like?

This is it, and it works just fine!

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