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Saving Money on your Furnace

So we got the new furnace and air conditioning in the “big cajun home” this week, and I went downstairs and notice the hurricane drafts blasting out of the ducting around the furnace. I went out and got some DRAFT STOP tape (it’s aluminum tape), not DUCT TAPE. Surprising isn’t it?

Duct tape is not for ducts, it is for everything else. I saw on a “Holmes on Homes” episode that you should use this aluminized tape to stop the drafts in your forced air system, and it does seem to work.

It was very satisfying, but painful rutting around in my rafters taping up all the joints and gaps in my ducting. I also bought the tape with a returned bag of insulation I hadn’t used. Home Depot will take back anything bought there, even without a bill, they just give you store credit (like I am not going to buy something there).

How much money will this save? Not sure, but the $11 I paid for the roll of tape, I am pretty sure I am going to recuperate.

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