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PC Points Add Up

So I have mentioned before that I have been using the President’s Choice MasterCard for grocery purchases.

Let me tell you they are certainly adding up. We seem to be averaging about $100 in free groceries every quarter, which is just fine by me! We did “cheat” a bit and transfer over a bunch of Petro-canada points and won some extra points for using our card, but if in the course of my normal shopping someone wants to give me free groceries? Bring it on!

There are other “affinity” cards out there, that give you direct cash back, but given I shop at Loblaws and Your Independent Grocers, I am not complaining about this system either.

Over the years I have bought:

  • Plenty of “free” groceries
  • Two different televisions
  • A Wii Gaming System

Amongst other things, so I think I have got my money’s worth out of this.


You build up more points paying Tuition bills using your PC Mastercard.

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