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It’s YOUR money, be CHEAP!

Our friends over at the Canadian Capitalist had a great posting yesterday (click here) about price protection, and making sure you don’t spend too much money (one of my many laws of living, be cheap!). He saved himself $135, and if you think that is “chicken feed” or you can’t be bothered, please click on my PayPal donation button and send me some money, will ya?

I ran into the exact same thing on the weekend. My wife went out to buy diapers for our son and they were $43 at Loblaws, but then we looked at the flyer from Loblaws the next day, and the exact same diapers were on sale for $38. Did I go down to get my money? HELL YES! Five bucks is five bucks to me (oh and my wife also used a coupon on the purchase, bless her cheap heart).

There is penny wise and pound foolish, but heck, if you take care of the pennies, the dollars will fall in line too!

If you buy a big ticket item, make sure you have price protection (mind you, don’t pay extra for that either, buy from someone who offers it as a courtesy).

It’s your money, keep it in YOUR wallet!

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  1. Same type of story here…bought a car seat for my daughter at Toys ‘r Us for $149, saw it the next week at Sears for $139, and went back to Toys r’ Us to get MY $10. They asked me no questions as all. Easy money back into my pocket.

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